IT Deployment & Installation Services for Chipotle

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Chipotle was in search of a technology deployment partner to fulfill cabling requirements across their rapidly expanding network of restaurants. A previous provider was not following Chipotle’s policies which led to wasted time and energy. In search of a true partner, Chipotle refocused their efforts to work with New Era Technology to adhere to coverage at the national level while aiding in upcoming projects.


The size of the conduit in place was not large enough to hold all cables within scope. New Era was responsible for identifying a solution that also adhered to future deployments. Additionally, to manage over 200 deployments a year as part of Chipotle’s new restaurant opening, Chipotle launched a new service management tool. New Era had to quickly learn the new tool to ensure processes were updated and delivered on future projects.


New Era’s team identified a solution to ensure the conduit would work for all future deployments. With a designated support group, New Era provided Chipotle’s infrastructure and design team with the appropriate collateral and playbooks needed to ensure business continuity for the organization’s network infrastructure.


As of 2022, New Era has completed nearly 1,800 stores. Chipotle has seen a 2-4X reduction in downtime, exponentially above their goals, due to New Era’s network of technicians. Since its inception, the solid partnership between Chipotle and New Era has decreased the support burden that Chipotle’s IT team has to bear allowing them to focus their efforts on strategic IT projects that help drive Chipotle forward.

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