The Future of Video Surveillance: AI-Powered Analytics & Physical Security

By John Ringis, National Director Physical Security Global Enterprise (GE) - 1 Nov, 2023
Digital Transformation
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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, we are hearing more and more about how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the way companies operate. From streamlining operations, to creating new efficiencies and levels of innovation, it’s important to learn the ways your organization can take advantage of AI. When it comes to Physical Security, keeping an organization’s environment safe is a critical priority. Physical Security holds importance for several reasons. From threat detection to crisis management to access control, there are many ways to protect one’s environment. In today’s blog, we will cover the topic of Video Surveillance and the role AI will play in this technology in the future.

The Future of Surveillance

The Video Surveillance industry is in a state of rapid change with most manufactures chasing AI and driving significant advancements in technology. We are going to see AI and video surveillance continue to develop. Newer and better analytics will be created, and accuracy will continue to improve and integrations with other applications and technologies will continue.  These developments are leading us to a more secure and comprehensive Physical Security ecosystem. Let’s walk through key components of video surveillance and how AI will make an impact:

Object Recognition and Tracking: Identifying, tracking, and alerting an object and/or person of interest in real-time. AI will help improve accuracy through algorithms to accurately identify objects in the footage, reducing false alarms. AI also enables real-time object recognition, allowing video surveillance systems to flag suspicious activities or objects, allowing for quicker response times to potential threats.

Anomaly Detection: Anomaly detection is simply defined as Looking for and identifying behavior that is abnormal.  For example, through this technology, we can identify and alert if someone is loitering in a restricted area.  AI is revolutionizing this space by enabling more advanced methods of identification. This is done through pattern recognition, real-time detection, behavioral analysis, and integration with other sensors such as thermal cameras, radars, and more.

Facial Recognition: Identifying individuals can be used for access control, monitoring attendance, building automation or simply locating persons of interest. AI will have a profound impact on facial recognition. We will see improved accuracy in identification, instantly matching faces against databases via real-time identification, and age, gender, and emotion analysis. Privacy and ethical concerns will most likely come into play for AI’s continued role in facial recognition technology. The industry must find the proper balance between security and privacy.

Automated Alerts: Send alerts or notifications in real-time when specific events or conditions are met. This reduces the need for constant human monitoring and allows security personnel to focus on critical tasks. AI can help trigger these alerts, providing a proactive approach to security and safety.

Reducing False Alarms: False alarms have been a significant challenge with traditional video surveillance and intrusion alarm systems. By analyzing video, AI can distinguish between actual threats and normal behavior.  The actual threats can then be dispatched to the authorities as a “video verified” event, thus improving response from authorities.    

Integration with Other Systems: Integration with other technology systems, such as access control, alarms, intrusion alarms, and building management systems, to create a comprehensive security ecosystem.

Steps to Get Started in Your AI Journey for Physical Security

  1. Do your homework. The industry is flooded with AI claims and AI related products, some performing better than others.
  2. Clearly define your goals before you dive in.
  3. Work with an integrator and a product manufacturer that both have experience leveraging AI related technologies within Physical Security.
  4. Test the product(s) to ensure the results align with your goals.

New Era Can Assist you in Your AI Journey for Physical Security

New Era Technology takes a holistic approach in exploring where you are in your AI journey to determine how the technology can enhance existing or future business goals. New Era couples AI with existing processes and integration methodologies to deliver deep insights and value to organization. After all, no data point is as useful on its own as it could be when looked through a larger lens.

New Era’s Capabilities

  • AI-Powered Video Surveillance
  • AI-Powered Powered Access Control using Facial Recognition
  • AI-Augmented Intrusion Alarms
  • Event Detection and Early Warning Life Safety Solutions

Through these solutions and services, we can help with the following:

  1. Introductions to manufacturers and products that perform as advertised.
  2. Facilitate product demonstrations to review system capabilities, challenges, and benefits.
  3. Assist with system design to ensure performance and effectiveness.
  4. Procurement, configuration, and installation.
  5. Post-install maintenance and monitoring to maximize system uptime.

No matter where you are in your journey, New Era Technology can provide AI solutions that help accelerate your journey to achieve business outcomes. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

Author: John Ringis, National Director Physical Security Global Enterprise (GE)

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