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By John Ringis, National Director Physical Security Global Enterprise (GE) - 30 May, 2024
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John Ringis

National Director of Physical Security Global Enterprise (GE)



Eric Carter

Executive Vice-President of eXtensible Operations Center (XOC)



Physical Security is paramount for any organization, with constantly emerging threats ranging from in-person activities to cyberattacks. Modern technology has radically changed how organizations maintain an optimal physical security posture, accentuated by IoT and Artificial Intelligence. However, security systems need constant uptime, a challenge that requires the right strategy.

A study by Data Bridge Market Research1 indicates that the Physical Security market in North America was valued at $238.60 million in 2023 and is forecasted to reach $612.20 million by 2031. This is based on a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.5% during the forecast period. The figures show that organizations are keenly investing in physical security, making it an essentiality that cannot be undermined.

Network devices are the most essential components of digital security systems, as they connect endpoints and constitute the primary storage and processing system. However, network devices are often vulnerable to cyberattacks and need a robust security posture.

In-house IT teams might be unable to strategize and maintain an effective security posture. Hiring and training costs are a significant challenge; organizations need to look beyond in-house capabilities and look for a Managed Physical Security (MPS) provider, such as New Era Technology, who can maintain the required physical security posture.

Advantages of Managed Physical Security Service Providers

  • MPS elevates the operational efficiency of your physical security hardware, thereby enhancing the protection of your assets and personnel. By leveraging MPS, you embrace a proactive stance toward detecting hardware malfunctions and network glitches that could compromise your security setup.
  • Any device failures are pinpointed within minutes, prompting swift action by trained resources to troubleshoot and triage potential issues.
  • If needed, experts will coordinate the deployment of field resources to initiate repair or replacement for the faulty equipment. This proactive strategy guarantees that your investment in physical security remains operational, safeguarding your assets and personnel effectively when needed.
  • Having a well-qualified and experienced team to manage your physical security requirements and work with your in-house team is important.
  • The savings in hiring, training, and equipping resources with the proper skill set.
  • Resources are available 24/7 to ensure complete support.
  • Choice of on-shore, remote, and off-shore resources.
  • Services tuned to your requirements and budget-giving a cost and value-driven advantage.
  • Flexible support model with easy scalability. As you add sites or devices, you don’t need to hire and train a new resource; simply tell them, and they add it to support. MPS providers can even help them build out the new site and bring it into monitoring.

New Era can oversee and administer virtually every component within your physical security network. We offer comprehensive monitoring and management services for your IT and Physical Security infrastructure, from network circuits, edge devices, and switches to recording servers, cameras, door controllers, and cellular communicators.

We have established processes and procedures that we’ve used to manage large clothing retailers, fast casual restaurants, and hotel chains. We have resources across the globe to ensure that we have the best people at the right time to support our customers’ needs.

Partnering with an end-to-end solution provider such as New Era Technology brings a wealth of specialized knowledge, training, and experience that is challenging to maintain when dealing with multiple vendors. We have often designed and implemented the networks we monitor and accumulated a deep understanding of the physical environment, granting us unique insights into the devices we maintain.

Our extensive experience in IT networking, IT-related support, and Physical Security creates an unparalleled service offering. Our holistic approach to Managed Services for Physical Security enables us to detect and rectify individual network components and identify and escalate other network-related issues that may arise, ensuring comprehensive coverage and resolution. Contact us for more information on how this will work for you.





Author: John Ringis, National Director Physical Security Global Enterprise (GE)

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