Improve Accessibility with Virtualization

By Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC - 28 Feb, 2018
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Mobile applications and their usage are growing fast. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a whopping 72.3% of the entire workforce will be mobile workers by the year 2020. With corporate “BYOD” or bring your own device programs and the productivity that mobile applications provide, it is crucial for businesses to begin examining their accessibility.

The VDI or virtualized desktop infrastructure was developed over ten years ago. However, the uses of this tool have not been truly discovered until now. This tool allowed operating systems such as Microsoft Windows to be hosted at a data center and then delivered through the network to a PC. Through this technological find, virtualized desktop environments (VDE) were born. Like VDI in its use, VDEs have some tweaks that make it perfect for a mobilized infrastructure.

With more employees working on the go, VDEs are important for safety, efficiency, and productivity. Still not sold on the idea? Let’s discuss some benefits that VDE can offer for your mobilized workforce.

Simplified Management

Updating or patching each device used throughout your organization takes time and a lot of IT manpower. Management of these devices to ensure security and safety adds to the bill. A centralized, virtual environment is simpler to maintain, thus increasing your productivity.

Your IT department can view, make changes to and find threats remotely, at one centralized location. They can also view which devices are online and which devices are not to better control the environment. A simpler device management strategy gives your team more time to focus on other important tasks.

Reduced Downtime

Any downtime in your business can cause serious consequences including loss of revenue and security threats. VDEs allow for better management of software updates to reduce downtime associated with system changes. You do not have to rely on one single machine to do all the work. Instead, a VDE is spread across many, giving you freedom to work even when you have trouble in one location.

Accessibility of All Apps and Data – Anywhere

Perhaps one of the best benefits of implementing a VDE is the accessibility. With more remote work being completed and employees working while getting coffee, apps and data should be accessible to them whenever and wherever. VDEs make that possible. Furthermore, employees are connected to their workload all day, giving you the ability to have team meetings and sessions no matter where your team is working that day.

And don’t worry – it is secure. Documents, data, and applications are never stored on an end-user device by using the virtual environment. You stay in control.

Greater Device Flexibility

The use of a VDE with a BYOD program saves your business the cash it would take to purchase new equipment. However, if new equipment must be purchased, you have flexibility in what you choose. VDEs can be used on virtually any device (laptop, PC, tablet, mobile), making it easy for your employees to have access, no matter what they choose to use. Using a VDE is a great way to jump into virtualization, without needing to sacrifice your machinery all at once.

Improved Efficiency and Reduced Cost

As stated, VDEs allow your employee to bring their own device as well as work from home programs. These programs alone can help you save thousands in overhead, no matter how small your company is. Businesses will no longer need to provide computers or office space.

Furthermore, VDEs will improve your agility to grow as the market changes. You have greater control over what you spend and what you use, allowing you to scale up or down, depending on your business needs.

Faster Disaster Recovery

Any disaster, whether fire or hurricane can leave your business reeling, trying to pick up the pieces. Your data and information should be kept secure, as well as your ability to get back to work. VDEs allow your business a way to recover from disaster fast.

According to TechTarget, it is now possible to reduce overall recovery times to four hours or less, much different from the traditional one to two-day recovery period. With a VDE, you do not have to rebuild servers, your applications or operating system. It already exists for you and can be brought back online quickly.

Mobile is growing and fast. Are you ready to bring accessibility to your workforce? Are you ready to improve your efficiency and lower costs?

If you are still not completely sure about your company’s next step, there is help available. A VDE can change the way you do business, no matter the circumstances. New Era offers many virtualization services to fit your needs, no matter your size. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your goals with virtualization.

Author: Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC

Joe Gillis, a graduate of Loyola University, began his career with FTG Technologies, a New Era Technology company, in 2010 as an Account Executive. After proving his skills in team-building, client interaction, and developing strategic relationships, he was promoted to Sales Manager in 2012. Today, Joe continues to lead the sales team and serves as a member of the senior management team. When Joe isn’t leading the sales team he enjoys time with his young family and is an avid golfer. Prior to joining FTG, Joe worked for the PGA Tour within Tournament Operations.