Protect Your Environment with a Mass Notification System

By New Era Technology - 30 Jun, 2020
Physical Security
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A Mass Notification System is an essential component of any organization’s emergency and operational communications capabilities. When an emergency occurs, those responsible for the safety and security of employees and facilities need a quick and seamless method to inform on-site personnel and separate groups of people. Delivering these messages during an emergency can be critical and lifesaving. Mass Notification Systems help streamline the process in providing real-time communication via multi-channel delivery methods during a time of crisis.


Mass Notifications Systems are customizable and comprehensive. The system allows for a broadcast message to be initiated by a single person or an automated procedure. The message can be a prerecorded message detailing the current situation.  The message can be recalled, and an all-clear message can be sent when the event is over.

Mass Notification Systems allow for integration through various channels. Messages can be sent via a phone call, SMS text message, email, or broadcasted to an on-site or remote digital signage.  Area alarms can also be simultaneously triggered, such as strobes, sirens, and prerecorded messages on Public Announcement Systems.

There are multiple benefits to Mass Notifications. A few examples include:

  • Faster incident response and resolution
  • Reduced communications costs
  • Prevention of cascading failures
  • Audit trail and accountability
  • Improved contact data accuracy

Compared to standalone systems, Mass Notification systems are more efficient and cost-effective for distributing information to a large number of people. These systems are comprehensive and can also be used for non-crisis events, such as internal communications.

Use Cases

Mass notification systems can be used in a wide range of emergencies and natural hazards. Some examples of where this type of system could be implemented include:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Severe environmental/Weather
  • Building/Power Conditions
  • Response team activation
  • Employee alerts
  • Ongoing status updates
  • Issue resolution

New Era takes a holistic approach and can help protect your facility and occupants while delivering messages in real-time during emergencies. To learn more about this solution, please email

Author: New Era Technology