Secure Mobility — Staying Safe While on the Go

By Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC - 14 May, 2018
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Working remotely is increasing in popularity for businesses around the world. In fact, a survey completed by Gallup states that out of 15,000 adults surveyed, 43 percent of them are working remotely in some capacity. With mobile applications being one of the top ways to communicate, it is safe to say that many employees access business related information somewhere other than the office.

McAfee Labs reported in 2017 a staggering total of 16 million mobile malware incidents throughout the past decade. However, we only wish this is all we had to worry about. Chances are, employees have connected to free Wi-Fi somewhere and at some point, leaving your entire network vulnerable to breach.

Your business must consider secure mobility for both the end user and the system administrators. Not sold yet? Let’s discuss the benefits for your business, but first: what is secure mobility?

What is Secure Mobility?

Secure mobility solutions enable bring-your-own-device, on the go and remote users to access your business data, applications and information wherever they are. However, these solutions also protect that information, keeping your network secure. These solutions not only protect but enhance productivity and collaboration by giving your employees access to everything they need for the job.

Secure mobility clients offer many features such as remote access, posture reinforcement, and roaming protection. Most solutions are user-friendly while remaining robust and complete with all the features your IT department requires to manage and report security holes.

Secure Mobility Benefits for End Users

  • Employees who are working on the go or remotely need to be able to have safe access consistently to remain productive. It is also critical that these employees are working in a collaborative environment, even when they are not in the office. To do this, mobile devices are simply required. Your end users deserve to have security across all devices, a consistent user experience, and always-on protection.
  • Security across all devices. When working with remote employees, there is no such thing as a one size fits all device. Whether work is being completed on a laptop or from a mobile phone, the protection must remain the same. Secure mobility clients secure all these devices, all at once, seamlessly.
  • Consistent user experience. Employees of any location don’t have the time to lose productivity on a security client that doesn’t perform. It is also difficult to train remote employees on a tool that has a steep learning curve. Secure mobility clients provide a consistent user experience that is reliable, every time they log on. Plus, they are user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Always-On Protection. Secure mobility clients are always on, providing relief from downtime that kills productivity. This protection also provides swift data recovery to get employees back up and running fast.

Benefits for System Administrators

System administrators may find it tedious to manage remote or on the go devices from a centralized location. Did you know that each mobile device connects to an average of 160 unique IP addresses every day? It is important that system admins have the support they need to manage devices by gaining peace of mind with low-cost protection of each endpoint.

  • Low-Cost Protection. Mobile security clients are much more affordable than traditional methods, without sacrificing the quality of the protection. Mobile security clients reduce overhead, giving system administrators more options for other improvements.
  • Endpoint Security Protection. It doesn’t matter what the device is, there is protection for that device. Admins don’t have to manually find and scour each endpoint for security weaknesses. Instead, mobile security clients protect each device with centrally managed policy, connections, and users across the entire network.
  • Peace of mind. Remote work has the potential to change many things about the business for the better. You don’t have to sacrifice your peace of mind for it. Mobile security clients that secure each device, no matter the location will help your admins work smarter and breathe easier.

Remote and on the go work is here to stay. Your end users and system admins don’t have to sacrifice their peace of mind or productivity for security. Mobile security clients are available to offer low-cost protection that is consistent and endpoint security across all devices. It’s important to start securing your mobile network today. New Era has plenty of options available for your security needs. Visit Contact Us to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Author: Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC

Joe Gillis, a graduate of Loyola University, began his career with FTG Technologies, a New Era Technology company, in 2010 as an Account Executive. After proving his skills in team-building, client interaction, and developing strategic relationships, he was promoted to Sales Manager in 2012. Today, Joe continues to lead the sales team and serves as a member of the senior management team. When Joe isn’t leading the sales team he enjoys time with his young family and is an avid golfer. Prior to joining FTG, Joe worked for the PGA Tour within Tournament Operations.

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