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Hybrid Data Storage Strategies: Balancing On-Premises & Cloud Solution...
Cloud adoption has surged in the past years, with an estimated growth1 of 21.7% globally to reach nearly $600 Billion in...
New Era Technology
22 Oct, 2023
Smart Buildings: Opportunities and Risks
Smart Buildings: Opportunities and Risks Smart Buildings are a burgeoning specialty in Information Technology (IT), Oper...
Michel Starker, Sr. Project Manager Smart Building Strategies
27 Jun, 2023
Why Disaster Recovery as a Service is Something Businesses Should Consider
Downtime leads to lost productivity, customers, and revenue and ultimately hurts your bottom-line. This is why business ...
New Era Technology
16 Mar, 2023
Digital Twin Technology: Overview & Benefits
Digital Twin Technology: Benefits & Overview What is a Digital Twin When I first heard about “Digital Twins,” it...
Darren Brown, AV Solutions Visual Designer, CTS
27 Jun, 2022
IoT Benefits & What it Means for Your Organization
IoT (Internet of Things) can be found in our homes, cars, hospitals, manufacturing plants, schools, and workplaces. IoT ...
Francesco Basile, Director of Technical Services
16 Apr, 2021
Cell Signal Boosters for Workplace Productivity & Life Safety
Do cell signal boosters work? Poor cell signal can be a major safety concern for environments such as offices, public ho...
Joe Schlichte, National Director of Infrastructure Services
14 Dec, 2020