Cell Signal Boosters for Workplace Productivity & Life Safety

By Joe Schlichte, National Director of Infrastructure Services - 14 Dec, 2020
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Do cell signal boosters work? Poor cell signal can be a major safety concern for environments such as offices, public housing, parking garages, college campuses, and more. In today’s world and workforce, people rely solely on their cell phones for communication. In the case of an emergency, it can become a life safety issue if there is poor or no cell service, providing an inability to make a call in a life-threatening situation.

As the mobile workforce continues to increase, a functioning cell phone with an adequate signal is key to workplace productivity in 2020. Many offices are already transitioning from traditional phone systems to cellular service only.

Whether it is for safety or convenience, nearly everyone relies on cell service every minute of the day. Businesses need to provide these conveniences to retain customers. Using cell signal booster technology can help prevent poor phone coverage, eliminate work disturbances, and increase safety in the case of an emergency.

How Cell Signal Boosters Work

A cell boost system takes outdoor cell tower signals and brings it inside to enhance the system. Each system is custom-designed per building construction, layout, and proximity to the cell tower. An exterior (typically a rooftop), antenna(s) are installed. These antennas are connected via a coaxial-type cable back to an amplifier. From the amplifier,  indoor antennas are installed throughout the space to provide the signal to the building space. The systems installed are not carrier-specific and will pull all types of carriers and their signals and will work on any phone.

Working with New Era Technology

The foundation for a successful cell signal booster installation is to ensure having the right equipment and gathering the pertinent information up front to ensure an accurate and complete design. New Era Technology will perform a complete survey of the building, including the rooftop for outside cell signal. New Era works with the manufacturer to produce a custom-designed plan to meet the building requirements, to ensure the success of the cell boost system.

To learn more about this service, please email solutions@neweratech.com.

Author: Joe Schlichte, National Director of Infrastructure Services

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