Bring Your Own Device


School BYOD Purchasing Program

To assist parents and students with their device purchase, New Era Technology, in partnership with Acquire, has created an online School BYOD Program portal to make choosing a device and accessories easier than ever.

With the online School BYOD Program portal, the team at New Era Technology can work with your school to list specific recommended devices for your parents and students to choose from.

  • New Era works with your school to ensure we get the right device for integrating into the teaching and learning needs in the classroom
  • Hardware packages can be setup to ensure all items are included ie bag, mouse and software
  • 0800 number for parents to ring to assist with buying product
  • Hassle free finance options available for parents
  • The benefit of back-up – knowing that you are working with well-established and trusted partners

Complementary Solutions

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The New Era Technology team can evaluate your current ICT needs and help you select solutions that support your goals.

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