Technology Procurement

Purchase Your Laptops and ICT Hardware Through New Era 

ICT Procurement

The team at New Era Technology are experts in assisting businesses and schools with guidance on ICT devices best suited for your requirements and budget.

We will help you procure, manage and secure quality modern technology at the lowest price possible.

ICT and Technology for Schools

How New Era can help you with procurement


Schools receive quality hardware at the lowest price possible. We work closely with our suppliers and partners to find you the best price.


New Era Technology can manage the whole process for you from brand and model advice through to leasing, delivery and disposal.


In addition, New Era can provide services such as installation and deployment to further enhance your procurement experience.


Everything you purchase is fully supported under manufacturer warranties with over-the-phone support from New Era’s Service Desk.

Some of Our ICT Hardware

VR/AR Headsets

PC and Apple

Chromebooks and Laptops



STEM & Robotics

Flexible Finance

Our finance partners provide flexible payment options to take your ICT budget further.

All of Government Procurement (AoG)

New Era Technology has third party AoG agreements for the supply of a number of hardware brands. We can assist you to complete the necessary documents to bring your school on board as efficiently as possible.