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Your School’s Outsourced IT Services Guide
What Are Outsourced IT Services? Outsourced IT services are when you hire an outside company like New Era Technology to ...
New Era Technology
23 Jan, 2023
Use Video Collaboration to enhance your digital workplace
The digital workplace was always a ‘thing’. Long before the pandemic, organisations were looking at digital transfor...
New Era Technology
30 Nov, 2022
Why Education is a Top Target for Hackers
Why Education is a top target for hackers and how schools can ensure they are protected   Schools are not immune to cyb...
New Era Technology
7 Nov, 2022
Frequently Asked Questions about Cyber Security
Four Frequently Asked Questions About Cyber Security What is Cyber Security? Cyber Security utilises a variety of advanc...
New Era Technology
10 Oct, 2022
Getting Smart with Education Technology
Getting smart with education technology While there is much to recommend the old methods of pencils, paper and chalkboar...
New Era Technology
20 Sep, 2022
Bell and Paging Systems: What Your School Needs to Know
Thinking of upgrading your paging and bell system?  We interviewed New Era Technology NZ’s Solution Architect, Mi...
New Era Technology
8 Aug, 2022