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Providing Options For Outcomes
Great leaders are creative leaders and no more so in education.   As teachers, you look for a variety of ways to co...
1 Jun, 2022
Cloud Transformation
What is cloud transformation? In simple terms, cloud transformation is the process of migrating a school’s software an...
31 May, 2022
The Process of Transforming your School to the Cloud
New Era has implemented several cloud transformation projects for schools, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Typ...
31 May, 2022
Leading Relationships
The Importance of Principals and School Business Managers   We have been working in the New Zealand education indus...
18 May, 2022
5 Challenges of Deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms
Challenges of Deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms and The Future We spoke with Eric Bixler, New Era’s National Directo...
6 May, 2022
Docking Stations
HP devices powered by Intel® integrate into a range of versatile docking setups, bridging the gap between portability a...
4 May, 2022