Room integration

New Era can design and install AV and videoconferencing environments of any size or purpose

Our team of experts analyse every detail of your operating environment, including wall colours, lighting levels, and optimised equipment layouts through to fully integrated control systems and complex audio services.

Immersive Audio Visual Room Environments

We create fully integrated, immersive audiovisual room environments customised to your needs. Whether you have a huddle room, a boardroom, or a theatre-style auditorium, we have the expertise to optimise and utilise your video conferencing systems. Our solutions guarantee exceptional high-quality experiences and ease of use. 


Immersive meeting spaces

Our approach to creating meeting spaces of all sizes, tailored to your requirements delivers high quality experiences and ease of use for your staff.

Protect your investment

Retain legacy VC & AV equipment while adding latest features, up-to-date security and improved stability with the latest platform upgrades.

Seemlessly connect

Connect Seamlessly with anyone, regardless of their chosen platform

Ensure important meetings are easy to set up and join by any external user, no matter which video conferencing platform or standards based platform they are using.

Create flexible workplaces

Increase accessibility and enable fully supported remote working from anywhere with secure collaboration and communications.

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microsoft teams rooms deployment

Planning for a global Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment

In this guide, we will share our insights on what we have learnt from deploying 1,000s of Teams Rooms across the globe.

support for video collaboration

How does live helpdesk improve your video collaboration experience?

A live helpdesk feature is an invaluable asset for businesses that use video collaboration tools, and here is why.

Don’t leave gaps in your AV design and user experience strategy for Microsoft Teams Rooms

We have listed factors in the design and planning phase, which organisations misinterpret, or fail to fully understand when it comes to Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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