Delivering an audiovisual solution for Xero’s Wellington XO Building

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New Era Technology’s challenge was to provide a flexible, highly stable, IT-centric technology solution that enabled an agile and collaborative work environment for Xero’s 600 staff in the Wellington Office.

New Era Technology’s collaboration team were engaged in the project to design, supply, install and configure Xero’s audiovisual solution.

This case study was initially published on the NSL website.

Xero required 40+ meeting rooms, 30+ huddle rooms and three custom-built areas to be fitted out with sleek, simple to use technology to share and connect with individual devices.

New Era Technology was engaged to deliver a solution that suited Xero’s requirements to have a high quality and flexible audiovisual system that blended into their sleek meeting spaces.

Xero valued collaboration and needed a working environment that was agile and simple to use. In addition, their 600 staff need to easily switch between their own Google devices to sharing in Google-centric spaces.

The spaces required a seamless, interactive experience for staff at the Xero offices and remote meeting participants. At the same time, the solution had to match Xero’s sleek design and intuitive user experience.

The solution needed to suit various meeting rooms, huddle rooms and special use areas, including a gymnasium, training room and all hands presentation area.

The small to medium-sized huddle spaces included LCDs connected to a standard Google Chrome box with microphones, speakers and a camera, plus a mounted guest connector.

The larger huddle spaces and the board room had additional ceiling microphones and speakers that maximised audibility and minimised noise. Shure tile microphones were pre-configured to meet the different requirements of each room setup and can be re-configured at the touch of a button. In addition, the QSC ceiling speakers provided a sleek finish to the system.

Likewise, the training room had a similar system; it operates as a large huddle room with flexible layout options, including lecture, presentation and boardroom configurations. In addition, the gymnasium had LCDs, wall HDMI outlets, and a higher-level audio system including QSC ceiling speakers, floor-mounted subwoofers, and a Q-LAN enabled amplifier. These were delivered via the same AMX six-button network keypad used in the meeting rooms to ensure a consistent user interface across the site.

The final special use area leveraged SVSi with Xero’s IT infrastructure. New Era leveraged LCDs for content presentation and connecting with stakeholders globally. Further, we paired the large, networked screens with a smaller display facing the podium to enable speakers to present seamlessly to teams all over the world.


New Era Technology worked alongside partners to build a system as an IT network deployment. The solution runs on Xero’s network, allowing Xero’s IT team to manage the solution as part of their own network. We reduced costs by leveraging the network and removing the need for hardware interfaces. Standardising the user interface also reduced the need for user

New Era provided a complete design, supply, installation and configuration solution that suited Xero’s requirements superbly, utilising the latest in audiovisual technology to deliver a high quality and flexible system that blended in their sleek meeting spaces beautifully.” – Xero