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School IT Managed Services

No more ICT worries. Leave it with us or lean on us for extra support.

As leading ICT experts for schools, we understand that technology is vital in enhancing learning and increasing productivity and efficiency.

That’s why we have tailored managed ICT service offerings for all types of schools.

Technology is crucial for a modern learning environment. Not only does it open new opportunities for students, but it also improves processes across a school.

With all the benefits technology provides, it also presents some hurdles. Anything from a computer crash to targeted hacking can disrupt learning, and staying ahead of these disruptions can take up precious time and resources. As a result, a tech-forward school needs technology specialists to support them.

That’s where managed ICT services come in.

We partner with schools of all sizes, navigating them through the changing complexities of technology to ensure that their systems and devices are optimised to meet teaching and learning needs. 

We work with schools as their sole IT provider and also as a resource to the internal IT team. It is imperative that principals, school business managers and members of the Board of Trustees can rely on an ICT specialist to be there as needed to ensure teaching and learning continues, and provide guidance when required.

Why do you need managed services?

  • Keeps your ICT and remote learning infrastructure secure
  • Receive support and maintenance when required
  • Save on internal operating costs
  • Helps safeguard student and faculty privacy
  • Gives you options for when staff are sick or leave

What Our Customers Say

We look at New Era’s support team as part of our Whanau, they understand our needs, respect our values and work within our constraints to deliver the best possible outcomes.


Viscount Primary School

We have built a highly professional and friendly relationship with New Era. Their commitment, support and encouragement to our school has been just awesome. The help desk has always been readily available to assist us when needed and the onsite technicians we have are just amazing.

Principal’s PA

Bay of Islands College

One of the key reasons we like New Era is that they give us good advice, not sales pitches.

Deputy Principal

Aorere College

The tech team from New Era Technology has been absolutely essential for all of our ICT initiatives.


Viscount Primary School

We have a pretty good understanding of the ICT resources we need to support the modern school environment, but we are not specialists by any means. This is why we value New Era’s advice, assistance and handson support. They take care of the daytoday network issues so that wecan focus on our students, teaching and planning for the future.


Viscount Primary School

Initially staff weren’t very happy about surrendering their laptops to New Era so they could be upgraded. But when they returned from break and switched their devices on, I didn’t hear a single complaint …not one!


Pukekohe High School

We trust their (New Era’s) advice…Their team is knowledgeable, Judi is up on the latest technology and their help desk is always responsive. Plus they always provide a range of options with the pros and cons of each.

Operations Manager

Mangere College

New Era Technology has been a tremendous asset as we continue our digital transformation.


Manchester Street School

Lead ICT Teachers, together with New Era IT and Microsoft Educator Mr John Phelps, have mentored colleagues and provided a welldeveloped programme for professional development training on specific aspects of technology for the last three years.

Director ICT

De La Salle College

One of the key reasons we like New Era is that they give us good advice, not sales pitches.

Deputy Principal

Aorere College

New Era’s full-time on-site system support specialist backs upour almost full time (30 hours a week) in-house technician. Their skills are complementary. New Era’s specialist takes care of the more complex issues that need immediate attention and works closely with staff to ensure that they are using the technology to its maximum benefit. This gives our own in-house technician the opportunity to manage many of the routine buttime-consuming tasks – such as adding and deleting users, patches, configuring PCs and laptops, etc.

Deputy Principal

Aorere College

ICT Support

  • Fixed Cost ICT Support
  • Project Management
  • ICT Consultancy
  • BYOD Support
  • Helpdesk Support

Technology Strategy

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Development Planning
  • ICT Appraisals


  • Purchasing
  • AOG Pricing
  • Leasing
  • Finance
  • Warranties & Insurance

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