Introducing New Era’s NSAE 

Protect your school’s data with a Network Security Assessment Exercise (NSAE). 

Why does your school need to undertake an NSAE?

  • New Zealand schools are being actively targeted by hackers and spammers.
  • Minimise the liability of school leadership and Board of Trustees.
  • Improve your school network security quickly and easily.
  • Provide your staff with an understanding and some skills to help them prepare for cyber-threats.
  • Identify who in your team may need extra support and assistance in understanding their role in network security.
  • Protect your school’s data and reputation.

Find out more about NSAE

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What does the Network Security Assessment Exercise involve? 

A New Era Technology NSAE will take about two weeks to undertake. We will work with your school to give you a report detailing critical technical security aspects found in the exercise. 

From this report, we will list some recommended technical updates to improve your school’s security quickly. The report will also indicate which staff members need additional support to increase their security knowledge. Finally, we will provide a recommended professional development programme to ensure you are continuing to provide up-to-date information and training to staff.