Four Reasons IT-as-a-Service Needs to be on Your Radar

By Bradley Kinderman, Business Development Director – Midmarket Solutions Group - 19 Dec, 2022
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IT As-a-Service: Disrupting the Traditional IT Model

In an ever-changing digital landscape, options for anything as-a-service continue to grow, and this business model will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Think about the car buying experience. You have so many options to choose from—different models, trim levels and all the other bells and whistles available. If you are like me, you weigh the pros and cons of all the options, factoring in cost versus value.

Now compare this analogy to your organization’s IT department and IT solutions. Do you have all the available options to choose from, a menu of solutions and services? Are you paying for only what your business needs?

As the consumer industry has near endless choices, so do businesses when it comes to sourcing solutions and services. This is changing the overall model of how the typical IT department operates and sources services and solutions.

Why IT-as-a-Service:

Every organization utilizes and relies on technology to run and secure their business. Managing all these technologies proactively can be a daunting task – having the right solutions, tools, processes, and the people to proactively manage and secure technology. That doesn’t account for the research, procurement, implementation, ongoing maintenance, and management it takes across the business – your resources, time, energy, and money.

Organizations have more options than ever to leverage this transformative operational model. We are seeing an influx of organizations seeking more and more as-a-service solutions to meet operational, security, and compliance requirements. Organizations have the ability to pick and choose what software, hardware, security solutions, and service models are going to help solve business challenges. Keeping their business agile, out in front of competition, and most importantly secure.

To add to the as-a-service model, organizations have the ability to also operationalize hardware costs and the professional services to implement the technology. Allowing your business to utilize an extensive team of industry-leading solution designers and engineers to design and implement your technology solutions. From concept and design to implementation and ongoing management, your organization has endless opportunities. Pivoting to an operational expense versus a capital expense allows for a new realm of possibilities for your organization. The ability to wrap all hardware and services into one monthly payment gives your business a predictable operating budget and go forward technology plan.

What to think about when it comes to IT-as-a-Service:

Think about your business and all the technology you use and rely on day to day.

 Is IT-as-a-Service Right for Business?

The stark reality is that all data is pointing towards continued IT-as-a-service growth in businesses (

  1. Capex avoidance influences IT spend – Cloud services growth will largely maintain its present momentum as many organizations will want to limit technology-related capital spending in favor of predictable expenses
  2. Digital transformation continues – The highest priority is on digital transformation, cybersecurity and increasing customer experience to raise revenue
  3. Modernization projects taking two paths – Optimization efforts focus on extracting more value out of what businesses already have and preparing them for future expansion

However you boil it down, it’s up to you to decide what business model fits best for your organization. If you’ve been thinking about operational based solutions for your organization and would like to pursue a consultative approach, please contact us today.




Author: Bradley Kinderman, Business Development Director – Midmarket Solutions Group

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