Industry news and insight from the New Era Technology team

Cell Signal Boosters for Workplace Productivity & Life Safety
Poor cell signal can be a major safety concern for environments such as offices, public housing, parking garages, colleg...
Joe Schlichte, National Director of Infrastructure Services
14 Dec, 2020
New Era’s VNOC Services: Always-On, Always-Ready 24/7
You are sitting at your desk, feeling stressed trying to accommodate a remote work environment during the middle of a pa...
Paul Schneider, VP of Operations - PA
16 Nov, 2020
Benefits Of A Managed IT Services Model
While we are all aware of the constant evolution of technology, sometimes we don’t stop to think about how we can take...
Jeff Forsyth
30 Oct, 2020
Thinking Outside of Reality with Virtual Reality
Imagine walking into a conference room. Before the meeting begins, you have your coffee in hand, and you make your way t...
Andrew Dorman, AV Solutions Architect, CTS, Poly Badged SE
29 Sep, 2020
To Cloud, or Not to Cloud? Hard Questions for Contact Center
Within the past six months, there has been a common concern amongst CIO’s. This concern includes posing the question, ...
Cynthia Meinke, Senior Account Executive
14 Sep, 2020
Keep Your Facility Safe & Secure with Visitor Management
Keep Your Facility Safe & Secure with Visitor Management Visitor Management is the process of identifying, documenti...
Matthew Cast, CTS, AV Life Safety & Security Solutions Engineer
25 Aug, 2020