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By Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions - 17 Apr, 2024
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Business communication has increasingly adopted virtual conversations, with the pandemic making users collaborate globally. The benefits of virtual conversations and collaboration have displaced the need for physical meetings, and businesses of all sizes and domains have been adopting the new trend.

A study1 by Research Nester estimates the visual collaboration market to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.14% during the forecasted period of 2023-2035. This shows the need and necessity of adopting virtual means of communication and collaboration.

Visual collaboration is often confused with video conferencing. Video conferencing is the ability to interact with another person or group in a specific location. Visual collaboration is all about leveraging technology to enable engaging collaboration from different devices in multiple locations. Using prominent collaboration tools such as SharePoint and other cloud-hosted solutions has made visual collaboration more straightforward and more effective.

Video conferencing can be part of visual collaboration, but the two are different. Many companies have even installed visual collaboration rooms or huddle rooms to help employees get work done. There are several benefits of having both huddle and visual collaboration rooms and leveraging visual collaboration in general.  

Our proprietary CloudBlu solution offers a perfect platform for visual collaboration, with complete security and required customizations. With our virtual collaboration service and unified communication offering, we provide our clients with the opportunity to leverage modern technologies such as video collaboration, virtual meeting rooms, Microsoft Teams rooms, and much more.

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First and foremost, these tools improve productivity. Here’s how:

Savings in Time and Travel

Reduce travel and in-person meetings to save time. With visual collaboration rooms, you no longer need to travel as often. You save time and money since you can meet in real time from any location. That means no more booking flights, hotels, rental cars, or incurring other travel-related expenses, which can translate to thousands of dollars in savings for your organization.

 In addition to saving money, visual collaboration saves countless work hours your employees would otherwise lose in travel time. Furthermore, because you can collaborate at a moment’s notice, you don’t waste time waiting to meet to address issues when problems occur. Microsoft Teams, the most widely used visual collaboration tool, offers a host of benefits that organizations can leverage to get work done by a remote workforce.

Ease of Project Management

Visual collaboration makes managing projects, workflows, and business processes much easier. It allows companies to digitize older processes and leverage new ways of doing things. Visual collaboration also offers new opportunities to optimize project management. This increases productivity and improves the quality of work. It also helps standardize workflow among groups. Such flexibility enables team members to better manage business processes and projects and implement improvements faster as necessary.

Unified Data Storage

 Another benefit to visual collaboration, especially in the case of huddle rooms, is having everything in one place. These huddle rooms are more than just big-screen TVs and excellent sound systems. Huddle rooms offer everything you need to collaborate and make these tools accessible to all parties.

You can collaborate via video conferencing on a large screen and easily share essential data, charts, and other audio-visual materials during your meeting. This allows you to collaborate, share ideas and data, and carry out vital business operations regardless of location.

Instant Communication, Video Communication and Messaging

Visual collaboration, including video communication and instant messaging, tackles issues as they arise in real-time and access necessary digital tools and information to help make the most of your time. This often means solving problems in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. Such solutions allow your employees and company to be productive and add value to your bottom line.

Real-time Teamwork

The value of teamwork can’t be overstated and is vital to the success of any organization or enterprise. The problem with legacy collaboration tools is the lack of real-time teamwork capabilities. However, real-time collaboration is now a reality with so many diverse technologies and devices available to businesses, including cloud infrastructures.

Visual collaboration tools allow you to address issues, answer questions, and share ideas and data when and where needed. Therefore, all stakeholders can access the same information simultaneously and be more involved and productive.

Use Visual Collaboration to Improve Your Productivity

Visual collaboration is vital in this fast-paced business world to ensure companies remain productive and successful. Visual collaboration offers many benefits, including time efficiencies and more effective project management. It also means communication is instant whenever or wherever you need it. Your employees and colleagues can collaborate in real time, which is an essential opportunity for teamwork.

Overall, visual collaboration offers multiple innovative tools to meet all your communication needs, and no company understands the value of visual collaboration like New Era Technology. Contact us today for more information about how we can help your organization or business benefit from implementing visual collaboration.



Author: Eric Bixler, National Director of AV Solutions

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