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AI & IoT: Improving Customer Satisfaction through Tech Driven Service ...
Customer satisfaction and continuously improving Customer Experience (CX) is typically a key business objective for orga...
Michel Starker, Sr. Project Manager Smart Building Strategies
15 Feb, 2023
10 Common Causes of Data Loss
Data loss is a serious problem for businesses of all sizes— losing files means losing time and money to restore or rec...
Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC
31 Jan, 2023
What is a Cybersecurity Solution?
With news of cybersecurity breaches continuing to make headlines, it’s a reminder of how quickly and efficiently h...
Jackie Edwards, Global Marketing Director
16 Jan, 2023
Four Reasons IT-as-a-Service Needs to be on Your Radar
IT As-a-Service: Disrupting the Traditional IT Model In an ever-changing digital landscape, options for anything as-a-se...
Bradley Kinderman, Business Development Director – Midmarket Solutions Group
19 Dec, 2022
Outsourced IT Services
Every business exists to fulfill a select market niche yet few companies have the in-house computing skills to stay ahea...
Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC
22 Nov, 2022
App Security: The Risks are Real
  With their importance to a modern business’ ecosystem, applications are absolutely essential. More than just to mak...
Joe Gillis, VP of Sales, GVC
7 Nov, 2022