Industry news and insight from the New Era Technology team

To Cloud, or Not to Cloud? Hard Questions for Contact Center
Within the past six months, there has been a common concern amongst CIO’s. This concern includes posing the question, ...
Cynthia Meinke, Senior Account Executive
14 Sep, 2020
Keep Your Facility Safe & Secure with Visitor Management
Keep Your Facility Safe & Secure with Visitor Management Visitor Management is the process of identifying, documenti...
Matthew Cast, CTS, AV Life Safety & Security Solutions Engineer
25 Aug, 2020
A Shift to Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS)
The four-month–long story of COVID-19 has shown that business organizations are able to move workforces into the r...
Chris Turner, Senior Account Executive
5 Aug, 2020
Multi-Factor Authentication: Zero-Trust Security for Organizations
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an IT-based security solution that administers additional or multiple layers of use...
Jeffrey Britt, Account Manager
21 Jul, 2020
Protect Your Environment with a Mass Notification System
A Mass Notification System is an essential component of any organization’s emergency and operational communications ca...
N. Anthony Garcia, Director Physical Security Solutions
30 Jun, 2020
The Right Technology for Seamless AV Solutions
Simple meeting room solutions do not mean less technology — it means using the right technology to meet your organizat...
Eric Bixler, National Director of Audio Visual
3 Jun, 2020