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Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Education
Introduction In the webinar led by Tony Gilbert, NZ Sales Director, New Era Technology, we delved into the evolving land...
New Era Technology
30 Nov, 2023
Streamlining Operations: The Role of AI in Business Process Automation
The world produces more data in two days than it had between the beginning of humanity and 2003. Approximately 2.7 trill...
Marie-Helene Savard, Executive Director Customer Experience
17 Nov, 2023
AI and the Implications for Business Protection
David LeVine, Global Vice President for Digital Strategy at New Era Technology, started the webinar focusing the implica...
New Era Technology
16 Nov, 2023
The Future of Video Surveillance: AI-Powered Analytics & Physical Secu...
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, we are hearing more and more about how Artificial Intelligence is resh...
John Ringis, National Director Physical Security Global Enterprise (GE)
1 Nov, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Disaster Recovery with HPE Greenlake and Zerto: Best ...
An accelerated path towards disaster recovery is the key to ensuring business continuity in case of unforeseen calamitie...
New Era Technology
28 Oct, 2023
The Essential Security Solutions Your Business Needs
In today’s digital landscape, it is paramount that you secure your business with solutions that are essential for your...
Phil Yoast, Director of Business Development and Engagement, SecureBlu
23 Oct, 2023

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