Unveiling the Benefits of AV Integration: A Recap of Thrive 24

By New Era Technology - 26 Jun, 2024
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New Era recently participated in the Thrive 24 conference held at The Oaks Hotel in Wellington. The event proved to be a success, with a fantastic turnout and the opportunity to connect with key professionals within their industry.

Engaging Discussions and Knowledge Sharing

Our team had the pleasure of engaging with a wide range of industry leaders, fostering valuable connections and sharing our expertise in Audio Visual (AV) integration. Throughout the conference, our Account Executive Chaz also presented insightful sessions on the critical role of early AV integration in successful projects.

What is AV Integration?

AV integration, short for Audio-visual integration, is the process of bringing together all the technological elements needed for a cohesive audio and visual experience. This can involve anything from seamlessly integrating and installing sound systems and projectors in a conference room to designing a digital signage network throughout a building. Essentially, AV integration takes all the separate audio and visual components and seamlessly combines them to create a unified and functional system.

The Benefits of Early AV Integration

Chaz highlights some of his key points below and explains how when incorporating AV integrators at the beginning of a project, businesses can reap significant benefits of AV integration, including:

Enhancing Design Flexibility: When you bring AV integrators in early, it’s like inviting an artist to start painting on a blank canvas rather than touching up a nearly finished masterpiece. Early integration allows for seamless blending with architectural and interior design, resulting in a more cohesive workspace.

Cost Efficiency: Let’s face it, nobody likes surprise costs—except maybe lottery winners. By involving AV integrators from the get-go, we can identify potential issues and solutions early on. This proactive approach can save a significant amount of money by reducing the likelihood of expensive changes and rework down the line.

Optimised System Performance: Think of early AV integration as a symphony where every instrument is perfectly in tune. Coordinating AV systems with other building systems from the start ensures they work harmoniously, leading to enhanced performance and a user experience that’s music to your ears.

Future-proofing Technology: The only thing constant about technology is change. By consulting AV integrators early, you can plan for scalable and upgradable solutions. This means your tech won’t become obsolete before the paint even dries, ensuring that your investment can adapt to future advancements and needs.

Streamlined Project Management: Imagine trying to direct a movie with half the script missing. Early involvement of AV professionals streamlines workflows, project timelines and improves coordination among different teams. This results in improving efficiency, less chaos, and fewer plot twists in your project timeline.

A Sincere Thank You from Chaz

“ I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for the warm reception and enthusiasm from everyone who attended my sessions. It was a privilege to share insights on the importance of early AV integration and to engage in meaningful discussions with such a knowledgeable and passionate audience.”  – Chaz Nielsen.

We extend a special thank you to Engineering New Zealand for hosting this exceptional event and providing a platform for fostering connections within the industry.

Looking Ahead

Thrive 24 presented a valuable opportunity for collaboration and learning. We look forward to participating in future events and continually pushing the boundaries of innovation in AV integration. To learn more about how New Era can elevate your next project with expert AV solutions, schedule a free consultation today.
Want to chat with Chaz directly? You can contact him here chaz.nielsen@neweratech.com

Author: New Era Technology