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Digital Trends in the Classroom
The pandemic insisted change in all industries on a global scale, especially in education. As COVID-19 forced lockdowns ...
4 May, 2022
The Role People Play In Cyber-Security
The ‘end-user’ layer of network security might be your school’s biggest vulnerability. There are multiple poin...
27 Apr, 2022
Microsoft Teams Voice In Schools
Seven Reasons Schools Should Upgrade To A Microsoft Teams Unified Communications Solution Modern Voice solutions are an ...
8 Mar, 2022
AV over IP: Support Your AV Technology on One Network
Audio Visual Solutions are a Critical Part of the Collaboration Experience AV solutions are critical to ensure we can se...
7 Mar, 2022
The Future of Communication In Schools
Download NewEra HP Infographic Future of Communication In Schools Find out more...
24 Feb, 2022
Voice Calling Enabled School
Download NewEra HP Infographic Voice Enabled School Find out more...
24 Feb, 2022