New Era Wins Commercial PC Partner of the Year

By New Era Technology - 12 Dec, 2023
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New Era Technology Secures the Top Spot as Commercial PC Partner of the Year at HP Partner Awards 2023

At the recent HP Partner Awards, New Era Technology proudly claimed the title of Commercial PC Partner of the Year for their outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in technology solutions.

The coveted award comes as a testament to New Era’s dedication to providing top-tier HP hardware to New Zealand schools. As highlighted during the awards ceremony, New Era has consistently prioritised HP as the primary hardware offering for schools, recognising the pivotal role of technology in fostering optimal teaching and learning outcomes for Tamariki.

The following quote adorned the screens, as a few New Era employees walked on stage to receive the award:

“New Era has consistently provided New Zealand schools with HP as their first hardware offering, they understand that technology counts in delivering the best teaching and learning outcomes for our Tamariki. Working together with HP has led to New Era retaining not only their loyal clients but also bringing on new schools to deliver over 250% growth since 2021!”

This recognition underscores New Era’s success in not only maintaining the loyalty of existing clients but also expanding its reach to new schools and businesses, resulting in remarkable growth exceeding 250% since 2021.

The entire New Era team expresses gratitude for the continued support and collaboration with HP. This achievement serves as a milestone, inspiring the company to strive for even greater heights in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to empower education and beyond. As New Era continues to evolve and expand, this recognition solidifies its position as experts in the technology landscape, setting the stage for future success and industry excellence.

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Author: New Era Technology