The Signavio Plug and Gain Approach for Accelerated SAP S/4HANA Transformation

By New Era Technology - 5 Jun, 2024
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Business Process Management constitutes a perpetual endeavor to advance progressively toward digital transformation. The imperative to innovate, optimize, and expand remains paramount when selecting SAP S/4HANA to consolidate your fundamental business operations. In transitioning from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, SAP Signavio’s “Plug and Gain” solution streamlines your preparatory efforts with data-driven insights.

SAP Signavio, an integrated cloud-based suite for Business Process Management, stands as a leader in process mining tools, as per Gartner’s Magic Quadrant1-2023 analysis. It empowers organizations to accelerate their business process improvements and transformations. Within the Signavio Process Transformation suite lie the following components tailored for S/4HANA transformation:

Understand: Initiating a transformation journey necessitates a comprehensive grasp of existing business processes across your ERP system. SAP Signavio Process Insights and the Process Intelligence suite facilitate this understanding.

Improve: Armed with insights into processes and systems, the next step involves enhancing processes and laying the groundwork for journey modeling. Signavio Process Manager and the Signavio Journey Modeler foster engagement with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Transform: Having set the stage for innovative transformation through the preceding steps, Signavio Process Governance provides a roadmap for efficient governance. Leveraging insights from the Understand and Improve phases, Signavio Process Automation automates manually driven and complex processes, paving the way for a seamless transition to SAP S/4HANA.

The Signavio Plug and Gain Approach is not merely a solution or component but a proven methodology that drastically reduces the preparatory phase time for SAP from months to a few hours. Harnessing existing data and processes alongside the SAP Signavio suite elements establishes a clear starting point for the SAP S/4HANA transformation endeavor. 

Key Benefits of the Signavio Plug and Gain Approach: 

  • Identify the current Line of Business and end-to-end processes in the current ERP solution through deep process mining capabilities and data-driven insights.
  • Quantify insights through drill-down, filtering, and value calculators.
  • Identify potential and existing bottlenecks (Process Blockers and other pain points) and provide insights on corrective recommendations.
  • Signavio helps deliver fact-based decisions aligned with KPIs, industry best practices, and benchmarks.
  • Get the advantage of leveraging internal best practices for global template improvements.
  • Drive innovation and automation with SAP Signavio workflow automation and process transformation solutions.

Data cleansing stands as a crucial element of the S/4HANA Transformation process. With Signavio’s Plug and Gain methodology, you can thoroughly analyze and cleanse your master and configuration data alongside recommendations for deletion or retention based on insights.
Master data encompasses your core identities and attributes across fundamental business entities like prospects, suppliers, sites, and hierarchies. Unused Master Data can complicate the usability of your ERP system, prolonging the implementation and testing timelines of your S/4HANA landscape.

Configuration data, meanwhile, encompasses information indirectly processed by the application but significantly impacting operations, such as reports generated from a database. Outdated configuration data and business documents can burden the memory of your S/4HANA landscape, leading to inefficiencies in planning algorithms and system performance, potentially yielding inaccurate results.
The Plug and Gain approach by Signavio provides extensive insights into your process reality through transparent analysis, including Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) such as backlog indicators, which quantify the number of documents or items not fully processed within specified timeframes.

Furthermore, the Plug and Gain approach furnishes insights into Master Data and configuration entries and their usage, serving as a solid starting point for data cleansing. You can refine your data by eliminating unused Master Data entries that can be archived or deleted. Additionally, this approach offers a comprehensive set of corrective recommendations to address identified inefficiencies, including findings and associated recommendations, post-implementation performance impacts, affected business objects and value drivers, and the root cause of findings in the source system.

Leveraging the Signavio Plug and Gain approach facilitates an efficient data cleansing exercise with tailored recommendations, enabling swift identification and remediation of data inefficiencies within your system. With adequately managed data, the focus can shift to another crucial aspect of the Plug and Gain approach: process automation.

Process Automation

Enterprises exhibit diverse ways of working with the SAP ERP system, necessitating streamlined processes for the SAP S/4HANA transition. The Plug and Gain approach identifies potential automation opportunities, emphasizing parameters such as Automation Rate and Exceptions for enhanced efficiency.

Custom Code and the Clean Core Concept

Transitioning to the SAP S/4HANA public code platform requires harmonizing custom code. Leveraging the Plug and Gain approach aids in identifying and aligning custom code across platforms, ensuring adherence to standardized operational practices.

Transformation Planning and Innovation Recommendations

Signavio Process Insights and the Plug and Gain approach facilitate transformation planning by incorporating SAP-recommended best practices and offering innovation recommendations derived from ERP landscape analysis.

The SAP Signavio Plug and Gain approach furnishes a comprehensive roadmap for S/4HANA transition, optimizing costs, time, and operational efficiency. For inquiries or further information regarding process excellence with SAP Signavio, contact us; we’ll gladly assist.


Author: New Era Technology