Empowering your SAP Ecosystem with Self-Enablement

By New Era Technology - 5 Dec, 2023
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The measure of success of SAP S/4HANA implementation or other applications in the SAP ecosystem lies in user adaptability. You will only be able to derive the intended benefits from the new technology platform if your end-users are comprehensively trained on the new platform and are adaptable to change. A lack of optimal adaptability can create chaos in your operations, impacting productivity, quality, and brand value. The way to mitigate these challenges is to have a proper change management process and Self-Enablement approach, which empowers users with the right know-how in the best manner.

The rapid adoption of the remote-working model necessitates users to access workplace technologies from anywhere and anytime. Legacy training processes cannot fully support the needs of a global workforce. It would help if you complement your existing training process with new training tools and communication solutions.

What’s needed is a self-service training model that gives users easy access to training tools with the required mobility advantage. It’s imperative for businesses to see value in modern ways of training to ensure SAP user empowerment and accelerated benefit realization.

Self-Enablement vs Conventional Training Processes

Conventional training processes blend instructor-led classroom training, user guides, manuals, and physical workshops. They come with the inherent drawbacks of access limitations, as with physical workshops, which do not suit a global workforce. Another aspect is for training data retention for reference at a later stage. Users need data accessible anytime and anywhere, without restriction.

With the above limitations of conventional end-user training, we at New Era Technology have an SAP Self-Enablement training process that equips end users to the core by combining generic training processes and modern tools that virtually train the end-user. The focus is on making end-users self-sufficient and giving them the required know-how to use the platform.

Key Features of our Self-Enablement Training Process

We offer custom Self-enablement strategies that align with your business needs and a roadmap for successful implementation. Self-enablement is the core of our SAP solution offerings, designed to give you a value-driven advantage with a faster ROI.

  • Expand the scope of conventional training by making end-users quickly adapt to the new platform and even empower them to maintain, troubleshoot, and carry out migration activities themselves. Such an approach reduces the need to hire external resources, giving you a definite cost advantage.
  • Our partnership with OnScreen, EnableNow, and WalkMe lets users visualize a step-by-step navigation guide while using the application. Numerous clients have seen value in using virtual Self-Enablement tools while transitioning to S/4HANA from the ECC platform.
  • The Self-enablement training process offers virtual real-time access to workshop resources, instruction manuals, SAP implementation tips, and online tools, setting the stage for successful SAP user empowerment.
  • Empower users with the ability to seek answers themselves and make them self-sufficient with an SAP self-service training model.
  • Use a lean enablement model for creating micro-content that ranges around 2-2.5 minutes, along with training facilitators.

If you are interested in how this can work for your organization, please contact us, and we will be glad to help. New Era Technology is an SAP Solution Partner and has successfully delivered custom SAP solutions across the Middle East, covering Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Author: New Era Technology