Buying HP? Why Procurement Power Matters – Along with Nationwide Reach

By New Era Technology - 13 Mar, 2024
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Tony Gilbert, Sales Director NZ

Tony Gilbert is an accomplished Sales Director and former Deputy Principal with over 20 years of experience in education and technology. He is a respected leader known for his strategic thinking, business acumen, and customer satisfaction. With postgraduate qualifications in leadership, Tony excelled in senior leadership roles, managing large teams and implementing innovative teaching methods. He joined New Era Technology in 2012, driving revenue growth and expanding the customer base with strong relationship-building skills. Tony is a renowned speaker and consultant, a volunteer in his community, and enjoys travelling and reading in his free time. He also won a world title in improv many years ago. 

There’s good reason for HP to enjoy one of the top positions in terms of market share of any PC maker in the world. With products known for their quality, value and innovation, that makes HP a consistently smart choice for laptops, PCs and tablets, and so it commands 22% of the market. 

Another smart choice is sourcing HP from New Era, because we have the market reach and procurement power to get you the best possible deal, and we will even support your local school while doing it.


It is not, of course, just about the dollars. When you are refreshing your fleet, support and the availability of hands-on technicians are an integral part of value creation. From imaging 100 or 200 devices and seamlessly putting them into your people’s hands, to sorting out the inevitable niggles accompanying a new device rollout (or even the issues cropping up during day-to-day operations months or years in), local support means getting it sorted faster. And with the way we all depend on our devices for work and more, fast and accurate means money.


The unique New Era difference is our scale.

This translates to buying power, as we are one of HP’s biggest solution providers, annually placing orders for tens of thousands of devices. We get that scale from being a preferred provider to schools across the country, and as you might imagine, that means we need people across the country. Schools are full of children using laptops, and so, this means support is necessary quite frequently (though to be fair, some folks never grow out of a boisterous relationship with their laptop or PC!).

With around 2,500 schools and offices nationwide, New Era is perhaps unique in having technicians on the ground within a short drive of just about anywhere. Our 200 people are literally located anywhere from Kaitaia down to Invercargill, a reach very few if any other solution providers can offer. This matters, because as we all know, the focus falls disproportionally on the big cities, including our favourite citizens in Auckland (yes, many of us New Era folks fall into this very category, it’s a friendly observation!) The regions tend to play second fiddle. If remembered at all.

Now, that’s not the case at New Era. We’re in the regions. And in addition to a consistent track record of excellence in delivery for these demanding clients, we’ve got the chops, the scale and the capability to look after your business, too. Not just with great pricing with HP laptops, but with great support which means you get the most for every dollar invested.

What’s more, we like schools and I’m willing to bet you have a child or two (I have 6!) attending one or more of the local educational institutes. When procuring your HP from us, we’ll make sure to donate some great goodies to your local school. Exactly what we give will depend on your order, but my promise is that there’ll be something in it.


So give it a go. Get a quote from New Era. You’ll find we’re highly competitive, keen to do business with you, and ready to deliver so much more on top of your HP computing requirements.

Author: New Era Technology