The Process of Transforming your School to the Cloud

By New Era Technology - 31 May, 2022
Cloud Education
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New Era has implemented several cloud transformation projects for schools, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Typically, this is the process we go through when undertaking a cloud transformation. 

Customer Snapshot: Allenvale School

One of our customers recently completed a cloud transformation.

Allenvale School, based in Christchurch, has been on an ICT journey to modernise how they teach and collaborate. Allenvale School is in the process of building a brand-new school; consequently, they reviewed their current systems. During the review, we identified a significant opportunity to improve the operational side and reduce costs surrounding hosting servers. 

Since the upgrade, the school has seen a saving of $3,384 per year just in server hosting fees. Staff satisfaction is the proof in the pudding.

“I want to say a big thank you to New Era for the smooth transition from server to the cloud…Your staff were obliging and helpful at all times. I am impressed with how smoothly things went and the fact that we experienced no disruption or problems. Considering the significance and size of what was changed over I feel New Era deserve full credit for the success of this.”

Ian Poulter

Principal, Allenvale School

Author: New Era Technology