Cloud Transformation

By New Era Technology - 31 May, 2022
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What is cloud transformation?

In simple terms, cloud transformation is the process of migrating a school’s software and files from local servers to the cloud. As a result, schools no longer need to maintain servers, thus saving money and time with the added advantage of allowing users to work anywhere, from any device. In addition, IT staff have more time to focus on strategic priorities rather than day-to-day IT maintenance.

How does cloud-centric learning benefit your school?

More savings

When you switch to the cloud, you can make significant cost savings and reinvest them back into the school. There is no longer the need for a room full of on-premises servers, power protection, backup hardware and server software.

Historically, storing data was an expensive task. As storage capacity reached 100%, schools used to purchase new servers. Cloud services are more price efficient as most cloud providers only charge users for the capacity being used. In addition, many other expenses involved with maintaining a server room (such as cooling and maintenance) are eliminated with a cloud-based model.

Optimise your ICT budget by taking full advantage of the cloud services already funded by the Ministry of Education. With the Ministry funding Google and Microsoft Cloud platforms, schools get unlimited storage within fair use for free.

Improved scalability

Compared with scaling on-premise data server rooms, a cloud-based system helps to reduce costs associated with a school’s growth. A cloud system can grow alongside a school, no matter how many students it has or education facilities are managed.

Community collaboration

Schools can collaborate and communicate far easier on a cloud-based model using various devices, communication channels and specially developed education platforms. The cloud allows for file-sharing across any device, so faculty no longer need a specific medium to collaborate or communicate with others. 

Cloud software helps to:

  • Support student communication
  • Create teacher management portals
  • Power remote learning virtual classrooms


Moving to the cloud enables data and information to be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This means teachers and students can access files, documents, the latest software, and other learning resources from any work and personal device. This has proven advantageous during the pandemic as schools had to adjust to hybrid teaching.

Read more about the process of transforming your school to the cloud.

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Author: New Era Technology