New Era Technology has partnered with the MOE and Techtorium to launch their new internship program

By New Era Technology - 15 Jun, 2022
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This internship program provides year 12, 13 and 14 students internships to gain experience in the IT industry while offering learning pathways through IT organisations such as Techtorium.

This is not the first time New Era has offered internship opportunities. Previously in 2019, New Era Technology launched its first internship program alongside IT education institute, Techtorium, in Auckland. The internship provided four Techtorium students with a term of work experience as a Desktop Network Support Technician at a school. 

Due to its success, New Era sought to revisit the internship program, this time alongside the Ministry of Education and Techtorium. This new program is made possible with the help of New Era’s client schools, which have generously allowed the interns to work onsite. 

The program’s first-round launched earlier this month with two students from Alfriston College and Green Bay High School, and one student from Tangaroa College. The students started a six-week-long internship, where they were placed in one of New Era’s client schools under the mentorship of a New Era Technology Desktop Network Support Technician. 

This internship aims to showcase potential ICT career pathways to students by providing them with relevant skills and experience in the industry.  Students will learn how technical services interact with users and gain knowledge of all aspects of IT – from networking and software to setting up hardware devices. New Era wants to equip the students with a wide range of skills so they understand what it takes to work in the ICT sector. 

Some of what New Era offers to students in the internship program are as below:  

  • Interview experience 
    • Students were required to update their CV and complete the recruitment process – Interview, Technical Questionnaire, and sign a learning contract. They will also receive feedback on their interview and tips to improve. 
  • Mentorship at a school by a trustworthy and technical skilled New Era Desktop Network Support Technician 
  • Work through several learning objectives that include a range of soft and hard skills 
  • New Era Uniform 
  • Exit interview at the end of the internship.  
    • This will be conducted by HR to confirm what they learnt and take on any feedback they have for future programmes. 
  • Certificate of completion with HR and Team Leader contact information to use as a reference on their CV and/or to reach out for future opportunities. 

New Era Technology is committed to helping students discover new career pathways within the IT sector. After the first term, New Era is hopeful of launching many more rounds of the program and opening it out to more schools. 


If this is something your school would be interested in, please get in touch with us. 

Author: New Era Technology