5 Unique Ways Digital Signage can Make a Difference

By Adam Steury, CTS, DSCE, Business Development Executive - 28 Feb, 2020
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Providing the best possible experience for customers, employees, and other stakeholders have become more important than ever for organizations of all kinds. That’s why more and more leaders are leveraging technology to help them achieve their goals.

Digital signage is a powerful option that is transforming industries—from education and healthcare to financial services and retail, and more. Let’s explore some of the unique ways digital signage is being used, as well as what we expect to see more of in the future.

Engage Employees and Improve Workplace Experience

In an office environment, digital signage is typically used to engage, inform, and prompt action. While email and collaboration apps are still the most common way most companies communicate with employees, it isn’t necessarily the most effective. Many of today’s workplaces are adding digital signage to their communication mix and using it in a wide variety of ways. Below are a few examples of the ways digital signage can contribute in a positive way to your workplace.

  • Set the tone for employees, clients, and visitors with dynamic welcome messages, company announcements, and upcoming events.
  • Celebrate top employees by showcasing their accomplishments.
  • Provide some context to your company’s reach by showing your locations on an interactive map.
  • Promote important safety reminders.
  • Relay essential emergency messages in real-time

Boost Donations with Digital Donor Walls

If fundraising is a priority for your organization, a donor wall is a must-have feature for recognizing and acknowledging the generous contributions received. While old-fashioned signs and plaques are hard to install and update, digital signage is easy to put in place, and even easier to keep current. Plus, when it comes to how the content is displayed, creative layouts are unlimited. A digital donor wall offers creative flexibility to design dynamic and engaging displays while highlighting donors and encouraging giving:

  • Share your mission and tell stories about how the funds raised help achieve that mission.
  • Alternate between the list of donors and specific video spotlights for high-level benefactors.
  • Display fundraising milestones with eye-catching visuals, keeping goals front and center.
  • Add touchscreen features so visitors can click to view more information about fundraising campaigns and projects.
  • Increase donations with interactive features to accept donor payments right at the donor wall or use a QR code so visitors can use their phones to learn more and donate.

With virtually unlimited design options and updating ease, digital signage is a perfect way to highlight donors, engage with viewers, provide information, and market to potential donors.

Help Bank Customers Stay Informed and Save More Money

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are using digital signage to engage with their customers and help them save money. More and more banks rely on digital displays to increase awareness of new products and programs. They’re also an effective way to display live data on currency exchange rates, lending rates, interest rates, and other types of constantly changing information. Where customers are queued in line with a wait, digital signage provides useful information that can actually help reduce the perceived wait times and create a more pleasant experience. Like most businesses, financial institutions are always searching for ways to increase customer satisfaction and improve the customer service they deliver. Digital signage gives them a powerful tool to help them do just that.

Make Healthcare Facilities Safe and Accessible

Hospitals and healthcare providers deal with critical and often life-threatening situations. They also receive hundreds of visitors and patients every day and must be accessible to all, regardless of age or health. Keeping everyone—visitors, patients, and staff—safe, informed, and yes, entertained throughout the day is an important challenge that can be fulfilled with digital signage.

  • Hospitals have long been using donor recognition walls, and digital signage lets them recognize contributors and benefactors with a wide range of visual content.
  • Interactive features create more memorable experiences and draw visitors into the stories behind the hospital’s fundraising campaigns and the goals they’re able to reach.
  • Employee focused displays also play an important role in keeping staff informed and motivated throughout the day.
  • Digital signage in lobby and public areas help patients and visitors find their way with interactive maps and help reduce perceived dwell time with infotainment and healthcare news.

Digital signage is making a difference in healthcare by making it easier to navigate to different areas of the facility, providing a better experience for patients, visitors, and staff, and reducing the resources required at information desks.

Upgrade the Learning Experience in Schools

Interactive and informative digital displays in schools are a powerful way to keep students and staff engaged and up to date with events, news, announcements, and emergency alerts. And in a world where nearly everyone is connected to social media, digital signs are the perfect technology to leverage those connections. Broadcast student awards and achievements. Promote campus the campus café by posting current dining menus. Boost school spirit with video content from recent games and activities. Encourage students to become stronger community members and citizens by advertising volunteer opportunities. Digital signage is an effective way to keep students, teachers, and staff informed with content that matters to them.

Digital signage is a versatile solution that can make a difference for organizations in any industry. If you’re ready to explore how it can make a difference for your business, New Era Technology is here to help you find the right solution.

For more information, please contact us at solutions@neweratech.com.

Author: Adam Steury, CTS, DSCE, Business Development Executive

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