A Shift to Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS)

By Chris Turner, Managed Solutions Account Executive - 5 Aug, 2020
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The four-monthlong story of COVID-19 has shown that business organizations are able to move workforces into the remote space. Tech industries have shifted from hardware to software solutions to ensure the business world can continue to conduct their daily business. 

However, one significant aspect that is often overlooked is communication with essential workers. Essential workers need to be on campus, covering the tasks that cannot be completed remotely. Healthcare, Utilities, Government, Finance, and Manufacturing are just a few of the industries that require workers to continue to operate at their corporate and satellite facilities.  

These facilities often have corporate messaging that is sent on their intranet and email but also is communicated on Digital Signage solution. Digital Signage is used because many line-workers are unable to access email or a computer on a consistent basis, as they are often running from one place to the next to keep operations moving. In many secure facilities, cell phones and laptops may not be allowed in the working area. Therefore, the employee relies on Digital Signage to receive information relevant to their day-to-day operations. From emergency alerts to daily and weekly statistics, these frontline workers must be receiving the message promptly 

“Pre-COVID-19”, Digital Signage was starting to gain significant traction as a communications solution in the business world. For businesses that instituted a Digital Signage platform, they would utilize their Marketing/Communications team to design content and update the message for their Digital Signage solution — often as a means to supplement or enhance a message received in email or on the company intranet. Now with the change in workforce and workflow, businesses are not only seeing the value and need for Digital Signage (DS), but are also welcoming a shift to Digital Signage as a Service (DSaaS) solution. 

What does DSaaS look like as a Solution? 

This solution is a vehicle for a business to utilize the expertise of a third-party DS provider to maintain and manage the daily operations of its Digital Signage platform. Additionally, it allows the business’s workforce, which may have changed or been reduced due to COVID-19, to focus on their daily business of creating and framing their messages, while allowing a third party to deal with the system to get the message sent to employees.

A fully managed DSaaS solution utilizes a hosting service, in which the Service Provider will supply the customer with the servers and licenses, and host them in their data center or the cloud. Additionally, the Service Provider will include any necessary DS players that drive the content to the display. All of the elements of hardware are included as part of the solution and often are packaged as a long-term agreement. This provides the customer peace of mind that the hardware that’s associated with their DS solution is covered and managed appropriately. Additionally, any necessary repairs or parts are included as part of the overall agreement, and will not require any external costs during the life of the agreement.  

This solution will often include content management and remote monitoring services, in which the business endusers will submit content to be updated on the Digital Signage platform. A form is provided for the end-user to designate a start and end date for broadcast the content, as well as any necessary graphics or pertinent information. The Service Provider updates the content, schedules it to be played, and designates which location will receive the content. The Provider will then monitor the players for network status. Based on the chosen platform, the Provider may also be able to monitor specific feedback regarding the content such as a font error, audio error, or playback error. 

Customers with stringent security often will provide their own server and allow the Service Provider access to that specific device and players. This process enables the Provider to offer a concierge level of service while adhering to any particular security requirements from the business. 

Customized Offerings

As a Service Provider, New Era Technology has range of DSaaS offerings to fit the needs of each particular business. From simple up/down player monitoring to the fully managed solution, New Era Technology’s DS team is available to support the needs of a customer’s global DS efforts. With a 24/7 VNOC, the team monitors and manages the solution ensuring uptime even in the most critical situations. Whether it’s content local to an office in Denver, Colorado, or a corporatewide message that needs to reach Melbourne, Australia, New Era’s DS team is ready to help provide that solution so a business can succeed with messaging during these unknown times. 

In short, the Digital Signage as a Service solution is here to provide the business with quality content that does not require a heavylifting requirement on their workforce. This solution also allows those essential workers at manufacturing facilities, emergency operations centers, and hospitals the continued comfort of knowing that they are part of the conversation. And in these times, there is nothing more important than feeling valued while you are out there making a difference. 

To learn more about this solution, please email solutions@neweratech.com.

Author: Chris Turner, Managed Solutions Account Executive

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