Thinking Outside of Reality with Virtual Reality

By New Era Technology - 29 Sep, 2020
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Virtual reality examples are endless. Imagine as you walk into a virtual reality conference room, you have your coffee in hand, and you make your way to grab a donut located on the credenza. You head to the front and watch as the final participants’ filter in for the meeting you are hosting. You pose the question and ask where they would like to hold their meeting today. You know the meeting is going to be filled with collaboration, discussing new and exciting ideas. You grab the panel and begin swiping through a list of themes. Italian piazza? Snow-capped mountains of Switzerland? How about a rain forest theme for this meeting? You choose your selection, and instantly, the room is transformed. The walls, once a monotonous beige, are now transformed to lush green trees, with dark vines scattered across the room from edge to edge. There is a river flowing off from a misty waterfall in the distance.

There are organizations today using this edge-blend projection to coat an entire boardroom wall fully. Imagine being able to energize your team with this type of immersion. Taking it a step further by using Virtual Reality (VR), your team can be inside the building you are working on renderings for, and you can visually project scenarios relevant to making critical decisions.

Virtual Reality Uses

With Virtual Reality technology, your team could walk through foot traffic plans, determine if a lobby video wall seems too overpowering, or determine if a decoration element fits the feel desired within a space. The use of Virtual Reality is being used for more than just entertainment purposes — as the costs of these technologies come down, the way to implement VR stems from the creativity of the market.

While VR as entertainment is still a significant part of the VR experience, VR gaming has been the forefront within the past few years. With the  blossoming of eSports, universities have already begun to develop eSports teams, some of which include full-ride scholarships to their eSports athletes. New Era Technology has seen this firsthand at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology as New Era was the integrator of choice for developing a design solution for their new eSports practice space.

Virtual reality examples and use cases continue to evolve and expand. New Era Technology utilizes Virtual Reality by working with designers to provide VR/AR 3D renderings to showcase how technology can fit within a space for projects. The use of VR during the early stages of a project allows the end-user to provide real-time feedback, serving as a substantial benefit for both time and cost.

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