Your School’s 2024 ICT Checklist

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As the academic year commences, New Era Technology is committed to assisting schools in optimising their IT infrastructure for a successful and secure learning environment. Our condensed checklist offers a glimpse into essential considerations for schools embarking on this journey.

For the comprehensive guide and detailed insights, download the full checklist.



  • Network Infrastructure:

    • Verify network robustness.
    • Ensure reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • Implement MFA and VPN security measures.
  • Cybersecurity Measures:

  • Device Management:

    • Check device status and updates.
    • Explore centralised management solutions.
    • Explore BYOD options.
  • Collaboration Tools:

    • Introduce/update cloud-based platforms.
  • Digital Learning Platforms:

    • Evaluate and update learning platforms.
    • Ensure accessibility and engagement.
  • Data Backup and Recovery:

    • Implement reliable backup systems.
    • Have a data recovery plan.
  • Professional Development:

    • Schedule tech trend sessions.
    • Offer workshops on tech integration.
  • Tech Support and Helpdesk:

    • Establish or review tech support.
    • Ensure prompt helpdesk services.
  • Cloud Services and Storage:

    • Implement cloud storage.
    • Evaluate and optimise cloud use.
  • Budget Planning:

    • Collaborate on IT budget planning.
    • Explore cost-effective solutions.
    • Periodically review and adjust budget.
  • Future Technology Trends:

    • Consider integrating new technologies.
  • Modern Technology:

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New Era Technology is dedicated to ensuring your school’s technology aligns with educational goals. For a comprehensive guide, download the full checklist and embark on a transformative IT journey with us. Additionally, you can fill in the form above to get personalised assistance in actioning the checklist items.