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Bell and Paging Systems: What Your School Needs to Know
Thinking of upgrading your paging and bell system?  We interviewed New Era Technology NZ’s Solution Architect, Mi...
New Era Technology
8 Aug, 2022
Which IT Services Plan is Right for Your School?
Why should you consider a managed IT services plan? Having a managed service provider helps negate risks for your school...
New Era Technology
8 Jul, 2022
Cloud Transformation
What is cloud transformation? In simple terms, cloud transformation is the process of migrating a school’s software an...
New Era Technology
31 May, 2022
The Process of Transforming your School to the Cloud
New Era has implemented several cloud transformation projects for schools, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Typ...
New Era Technology
31 May, 2022
Connecting children to learning outcomes in the cloud
Connecting children to learning outcomes in the cloud As 2020 has so far demonstrated, schools are increasingly reliant ...
Website Editor
27 Jul, 2020
Simplifying the Cloud Conversation
Some of the most intriguing rhetoric that I have heard recently concerns the cost of ‘moving to the cloud’. Those of...
Tony Gilbert
8 Jun, 2018