Which IT Services Plan is Right for Your School?

By New Era Technology - 8 Jul, 2022
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Why should you consider a managed IT services plan?

Having a managed service provider helps negate risks for your school. Instead of outsourcing IT when a problem occurs that your in-house team can’t solve, managed services allows consistent monitoring and maintenance of your school’s hardware and network. This allows your school’s teachers, senior leadership and administration staff to focus on learning and teaching outcomes instead of worrying about IT.

Our managed service agreements can cater to those with in-house IT departments that want assurance of back-up when required, schools that need an additional hand throughout the year, and schools that want someone to look after all of their ICT for them. Whatever your situation, we will find a solution best suited for your school. 


A solution for every school

For smaller schools

Our Pounamu Agreement is ideal for smaller schools that require a low-cost option, but also full remote support when required.

With our dedicated service desk and national coverage, we can remotely monitor and proactively resolve issues at your school. If things get really tricky you can use our reduced client rates to get a technician onsite.

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Extra support

Our Consultancy Agreement is great if you want your in-house ICT team to have some extra support.

With a set number of (negotiable) hours a year, the major objective of this agreement is to provide schools access to New Era Technology’s wide range of technical expertise and experience, as and when you require it.

The plan includes remote phone support and guidance as well as onsite scheduled meetings and workshops.

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Your back up

Our Risk Service Agreement gives schools that have an internal ICT resource an extra layer of technical expertise and support, as well as minimising potential operational risk. This risk mitigation service helps your school to be proactive around network security, BYOD, procurement and more.

As a result, your in-house team can continue to focus on supporting your school’s core ICT services that enable quality teaching and learning outcomes.

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Occasional onsite support

Our Silver Agreement provides a fortnightly or monthly onsite visit by a Desktop Support Technician who will ensure that the school is receiving optimum support from New Era Technology.

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Regular onsite support

Our Gold Agreement is ideal for schools that want regular ICT support. Weekly visits are provided by an onsite Desktop Support Technician. They will take care of all your hardware and software needs (exceptions apply) and ensure that the school is receiving optimum support from New Era.

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Comprehensive support

Our Platinum Agreement is ideal for schools that want comprehensive ICT support. One Desktop Support Technician will be situated onsite full time. All your ICT needs will be looked after and we will ensure that your school is receiving optimum support.

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Upgrade your agreement

We also have options to upgrade your gold or platinum agreement if you require more support.


Upgrade to an ultra agreement to receive technical engineering for all ongoing project work included. 


Platinum Plus gives you additional support by providing two onsite Technicians. 

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Author: New Era Technology