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AV over IP: Support Your AV Technology on One Network
Audio Visual Solutions are a Critical Part of the Collaboration Experience AV solutions are critical to ensure we can se...
7 Mar, 2022
5 Ways VR Can Reinvent the Classroom
For many of us, school was a particularly routine affair; you would arrive at school, go to class, perform dictation or ...
31 Dec, 2018
Delivering Digital Technology Outcomes: Are You Ready to Send Learning Full...
To say the lives of children have changed would be an understatement. Where a generation ago, kids were obsessing over T...
31 Dec, 2018
Is Your School 2020 Digital Curriculum Ready?
By 2020, all schools need to have a strong handle on the Digital Technologies area of the New Zealand Curriculum. We’v...
20 Dec, 2018
Yardsticks and Canaries: Enabling Effective ICT Decision Making
In this article, I would like to talk about two familiar but important concepts. Both are linked and equally critical in...
Tony Gilbert
23 Oct, 2018
Is Appraisal Part of Your ICT Programme?
The changes in the Education Council and the Practising Teachers Criteria over the past few years have been significant....
Website Editor
6 Aug, 2018