AV over IP: Support Your AV Technology on One Network

By Marketing - 7 Mar, 2022
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Audio Visual Solutions are a Critical Part of the Collaboration Experience

AV solutions are critical to ensure we can see and hear the information we communicate. The emergence of higher resolution signals is putting a strain on current AV infrastructure. You could consider adding giant cables or source signal boxes, but these solutions are just band-aids. New Era Technology believes the right solution is the AV over IP using the Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) platform.  

Why should you consider AV over IP?

Traditional AV solutions are inflexible and often don’t scale for organisations that need to balance the demands of video content delivered wherever the audience wants. AV systems designed for the SDVoE platform provide uncompromised content. AV over IP solutions has true AV/IT convergence with the zero-latency and flawless image quality you require. SDVoE platforms effortlessly transport AV content. This platform offers you scalability budget control and breaks down the traditional distance barriers.  

With AV over IP, you will experience increased deployments for new systems and higher user engagement. Your IT team will provide more efficient service, less spare equipment requirements, and eliminate long repair cycles. Another critical reason to consider AV over IP is the benefit you will see when you budget for expansion or updates. The consistent, scalable structure will eliminate expensive one-off designs.  

What does AV over IP mean?

AV over IP stands for Audiovisual over Internet Protocol. AV over IP is the process of encoding a video signal and breaking it down into small packets of information. This information is sent across a network and reassembled to view on the other end. The first phase of video over IP started was the transport signals over traditional twisted pair cabling. Although video over IP is transmitted using a standard ethernet protocol (that has been around years), it’s a tried and tested technology that is in a position to look after the transport of bandwidth-hungry, high-resolution AV packets. Video signals are rich in resolutions—therefore, there are many packets to be transported. 

Its evolution now offers the ability to route and send signals over either private AV networks or the enterprise’s production network routing protocols. AV over IP relies on the network’s security protocols.  

Challenges with AV and IT Convergence

Bandwidth and latency are some of the biggest challenges in AV over IP solutions. Encompassing and encoding high-quality audio and video signals, transporting them using a network protocol, decoding in real-time while subsequently not impacting the quality is exceptionally challenging.  

It’s critical to understand how bandwidth may impact other applications on the network. When running your AV and Data needs over one traditional 1G network, you will need to make difficult choices to manage the experience. If one person is transferring a large file and the board is watching the new product innovation video, who gets the best experience? The video can experience poor picture quality, and the file transfer can grind to a halt. Moving to the SDVoE platform with a properly configured network can create the right experience for everyone.  

Another challenge you will face during the transition to AV over IP is finding the right partner with the networking knowledge to design and support your AV platform. In addition, ensure the partner has a team of network engineers to future-proof the original design.  

AV over IP Creates Benefits for Your Organisation

Once the AV is on the network, the benefits are enormous. Planning, deployment, service, and upgrades become easier for enterprise AV users. 

  • There is no need for Specialised AV cabling when a new room is installed, which reduces labour and infrastructure expenses. 
  • Sensitive equipment can be installed in secure IT closets (i.e., no credenza in the room). 
  • Flexibility to add and move systems as quickly as other network technologies.
  • Updates of technology much quicker with less construction type work.

New Era Technology Can Help Update Your AV Technology

New Era engineers have the networking knowledge to help you design an AV over IP solution to support your organisation for many years to come. We focus on creating solutions that are resilient, reliable, and productive.  

Schedule a session with our AV experts to discover how to support your audiovisual technology over your IP network. 

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