Top five tips for Microsoft Teams success

By New Era Technology - 13 Jul, 2022
4 Minutes Read

You have chosen Microsoft Teams as your collaboration platform of choice. What can you do to ensure success and return on your investment?

Check out our 5 top tips for ensuring you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams collaboration program.

1 – Start at the end

What is your company trying to achieve? Start there and work backwards. Lots of organisations start with the ‘how’ and not the why; but unless you know what you are wanting to achieve from your collaboration environment, you can’t make informed decisions on how to get there.

2 – Engage your users

Don’t assume you know what your users want and need. Take time to access this and ensure the technology deployed meets those requirements. If not, you may find that users will ‘go rogue’ to adapt to their workflow, which over time will make your collaboration program fail.

3 – Consistent experience

Ensure your users get a consistent experience in every Microsoft Teams room and space but be aware that deploying Microsoft Teams on the desktop and in meeting rooms will require two different approaches to ensure you achieve this. This is especially important for your hybrid workforce who will be transitioning between home and office regularly.

4 – Make sensible technology and vendor choices

The vendor offering the fastest deployment is not always the best option. Ensure you are making choices that fit your organisational needs and what you are trying to achieve. If in doubt, work with a partner who can offer advice and consultancy.

5 – Manage, monitor and measure performance

You have determined your business goals and gone through all the due diligence required to make sure you have built your environment to meet these needs. Now what? One of the most important parts of any collaboration program is to ensure that you can monitor and manage your environment to ensure maximum uptime and minimum disruption to your users. Users have a lower tolerance to things going wrong so make sure you have the right tools and support in place to ensure any issues are rectified before they impact your users.

6 – Discover how we can help

New Era Technology is constantly evolving its support for the Teams room environment. If given access, New Era offers management and support for your Microsoft Teams collaboration environment. Our enhanced level of pro-active monitoring for Microsoft Teams Rooms monitors both the technology deployed in the room and the Microsoft cloud, so we get true end-to-end visibility of the collaboration environment. This allows us to deliver an exceptional user experience, through our ability to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact users.*

Reach out to our team to chat about your collaboration and unified communications needs.

*Teams room support varies by customer depending on a range factors such as level of access and type of license.

Author: New Era Technology