Unleashing the Power of Technology in Schools: Top Things to Consider

By New Era Technology - 23 Feb, 2023
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Is your school’s technology keeping up with the latest opportunities and threats? Technology in education is getting smarter across New Zealand. From sophisticated cyber security to seamless connectivity, and empowering tools, there’s a lot to consider. In this article we break it down for you with expert tips on key areas to consider when it comes to improving your digital initiatives.  

Complete Regular School Cyber Security Audits 

Did you know that education is one of the most targeted industries for cyber attackers? With large amounts of sensitive student and staff data, these organisations make an attractive target. Conducting regular security audits is critical for making sure there are no gaps from a user level through to critical infrastructure.  

Anything that can help reduce the risk of a successful cyber breach can save your school in more ways than one. It could be the difference between nearly experiencing a breach and suffering major damage to reputation, finances, and intellectual property. Not to mention learning disruptions if systems go offline. Having your internal IT team, or a trusted partner like New Era conduct a security assessment on a regular basis is a smart way to identify any gaps in your system and boost your protection. 

Create an Integrated Technology Plan 

Do you have a strong integrated technology plan in place? To get the most value out of your investments, it’s important to make sure the technology you choose is driving teaching and learning outcomes. To put it simply, creating an integrated technology plan is about mapping out your school’s unique needs and then selecting technology that supports these. We’ve seen our clients get great results using this approach. 

Partnering with an IT managed service provider like New Era Technology can greatly benefit your school in creating a sound technology plan. With a team of IT experts who understand the unique needs and challenges of the education industry, we can work with your school to assess your current technology infrastructure and identify any areas that may need improvement. From there our experts can collaborate with school leaders to design and implement a comprehensive technology plan that aligns with your school’s goals and objectives.  

Invest in the Right Tools 

Implementing the right tools to empower your teachers and students is another important consideration when it comes to technology in education. We partner with HP to provide the latest device features designed for school environments. From software to hardware durability and security, they provide a seamless learning experience that lasts.  

Some of the key education features of HP devices include: 

  • Durability testing that’s designed to withstand a 76cm drop on concrete 
  • Long battery life to help ensure uninterrupted learning 
  • Easy, fast connectivity to apps, data, and education resources from almost anywhere with advanced antenna sets that work together to provide a strong signal 
  • Apps and software that gives teachers and students the tools they need 
  • Large screen options that make it easy to split screen when note taking while watching a video 
  • Strong built-in cyber security protection with threat containment, smart detection, and more effective risk management 

Learn From Other Educational Institutions 

Keeping up with what other schools are doing locally, nationally, and internationally is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. At New Era, we are the leading IT specialists in the New Zealand Education industry and have a large network of education clients across New Zealand and the world, so we have seen the benefits that come out of best practice technology in schools.  

Some examples of how schools are using technology to innovate include implementing collaboration solutions that enable distance learning, digital field trips, and professional development. As well as focusing on learning experiences, schools are also implementing emergency notification systems and campus security solutions to help keep students and staff safe. 

Create Space for Innovation 

Another major IT challenge schools across New Zealand are dealing with is time. IT staff often spend valuable time troubleshooting and working through admin tasks instead of implementing improvements. This is not only frustrating for them, but it also holds the school back from achieving growth and more productive learning environments. One of the most practical solutions to this issue is strategically outsourcing time intensive tasks so that your IT staff can focus on leveraging the full power of technology. 

So, how does your school measure up when it comes to devices, connectivity, and cyber security? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at how you can better protect your students and teachers while enhancing learning experiences. 


Free up your IT team  

Our experts can help with the time-consuming IT tasks, so that your school can achieve better teaching and learning experiences. In partnership with leading brands such as HP, our managed services are designed to maximise student achievement. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more! 

Author: New Era Technology