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Make Your Video Collaboration Meetings More Reliable with Our Managed Services

Experience the power of seamless video collaboration with our comprehensive end-to-end video collaboration management service. Our highly skilled 24×7  helpdesk ensures that your organization can fully leverage the benefits of video communications technology, with increased reliability, flexibility, and cost savings.

Our proactive approach includes behind-the-scenes monitoring and management of your entire collaboration environment. We optimize all elements of the video conferencing and collaboration ecosystem to deliver optimal performance. With a global team of video experts and professional customer support staff available 24×7, you can rely on us to keep your video conferencing systems running smoothly.

Elevate your video conferencing experience and unlock the true potential of collaboration. Our managed services allow you to conduct meetings with confidence, knowing that our dedicated team is there to support you.


Access expert technicians when you need them

Reduce the need to resource video collaboration experts internally with access to our global team of AV and conferencing experts and professional customer support staff available 24 x 7.

Increase IT efficiencies

Reduce the burden on your internal IT teams as well as minimising support and maintenance costs.

Easy to deploy and no hidden licensing costs, allowing you to achieve an increased ROI on your investment.

Improve user adoption

Allow your complete organisation to meet and collaborate from any location and device.

Achieve an improved user-experience through an easy-to-use platform that works as a complete service, managing the entire scheduling process from start to finish.

Increase reliability

Improve running efficiency, minimise downtime and quickly identify and rectify any issues. 

Our proactive monitoring identifies and remedies issues before they become an issue for your meeting spaces. This results in increased uptime and helps reduce the uncertainty of unfamiliar platforms, hardware faults and connectivity issues.


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