Personalization of Digital Signage Improving ROI

By Marina Gregory, CAO - 6 Jun, 2017
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Digital signage has become an effective tool for companies to increase sales and promote customer loyalty. Digital signage is evolving, and companies are taking notice of new uses and applications. Personalized and data-driven digital signage are at the forefront of impacting ROI for companies that utilize the technology. Almost two-thirds of consumers report that digital signage catches their attention, and more than 40 percent of consumers want to shop in retailers with video displays. Through personalized, data-driven digital signage, properly using dual screens, and using the loT, companies can maximize ROI.

Data-Driven Marketing

In business, data is king. Using data in the marketing process gives companies the ability to cater specific messages to certain target demographics. The use of data in the marketing process has major implications when used with digital signage as well.

Data-driven marketing has the potential to create personalized ads. Data taken from consumers’ past shopping purchases will determine the best product or video to display on the surrounding digital signage. Some consider this collection of data as an invasion of privacy, and while personalized digital signage ads do create some privacy issues, the future of digital signage is trending towards the personalization of the shopping experience.

Dual Screen Capability

Digital signage is a useful tool when on display in retailers, but imagine how effective it would be if there was a way to display personalized, relevant content, straight to consumers’ mobile devices. That technology exists, and ‘beacon technology’ is being used by 50 percent of the Top 100 retailers in the country. Consumers that have downloaded a store’s app can receive notifications directly from digital signage beacons during a sale or when the retailor gets new merchandise.

Beacon technology also can gather customer information and display relevant sales and products on nearby digital signage. This two-screen approach ensures customers are presented with the most relevant and personalized store information possible.

How the loT and Big Data Can Create Personalization

The Internet of Things (loT) and Big Data provide an immense amount of customer information that can be used to create real-time personalized ads and lead to an improved buying experience. In order for companies to increase ROI, its vital customers visually interact with digital signage. The loT and Big Data can take visual interactions and analyze them to display personalized content. For example, when a consumer interacts with digital signage, face recognition software can analyze various demographic data to ensure the display of relevant content.

In order for companies to maximize ROI with digital signage, displaying the right content, at the right time, to the right consumer is key. With the help of the loT and Big Data, personalized ads ensure these needs are met.

The Takeaway

Companies are constantly looking for new techniques and technologies to increase sales and maximize ROI. Through personalization, digital signage is proving to companies that it can maximize ROI by increasing sales. Using dual-screens, Big Data, and the loT to create custom and personalized ads, companies will ensure customers are being presented with the most relevant content possible. Dual screens ensure consumers don’t miss a new shipment of merchandise or a sale. As technology continues to advance, new ways to use digital signage will emerge. One thing is certain however—right now, digital signage is trending towards personalization.
Photo Credit: dimedis GmbH Flickr via Compfight cc

Author: Marina Gregory, CAO