Providing Options For Outcomes

By New Era Technology - 1 Jun, 2022
2 Minutes Read

Great leaders are creative leaders and no more so in education.


As teachers, you look for a variety of ways to connect concepts and ideas that provide understanding for learners. Beyond the classroom, school principals, school business managers, Boards of Trustees and other leaders look for avenues to create an environment where teaching and learning can prosper.

The recent impact of COVID-19 and the resultant restrictions on international students and school budgets have meant keeping momentum around providing the right resource to affect outcomes has proven more than challenging for some. At these times schools have looked to use existing partnerships or explore new ways of ensuring that teachers and learners are not disadvantaged. One of these avenues has been through the process of leasing.

New Era Technology has worked with FlexiCommerical (formerly Equico) for many years in scoping, sourcing, and supplying solutions that work for schools. The advantages are clear:

  • Get what you need when you need it to support teaching and learning 
  • Have options about how you structure payments and ownership – taking control of how expenditure can work on your terms 
  • Partners that know what you need. Access trusted advice that ensures solutions are meeting your needs and that work together 
  • Backup – a hassle free environment that can be flexible with your needs

New Era is proud of its partnership with the team at FlexiCommerical and feels that it genuinely provides better outcomes and options for schools. Contact our team if leasing is an option you would like to explore. 


Author: New Era Technology