5 Signs it’s Time to Outsource Your School’s ICT

By New Era Technology - 25 Jul, 2022
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Have you considered outsourcing your school’s IT? 

Outsourcing your school’s IT services come with various advantages an in-house team may not be able to compete with. 

Read the below signs and see if it applies to your school. If it does, it may be time to look at outsourcing options for your school’s IT needs. 

1. There is a Lack of Expertise in the Team

With more technology being implemented at schools, it can be difficult for an in-house IT team to keep up. Eventually, even the most capable in-house technician or team will encounter an ICT problem they cannot solve alone. This rise in technology may demand a more diverse skill set that you cannot compensate for with internal hires. Outsourcing your IT needs in this situation is a great way to ensure you have all the help you need to continue growing without worrying about hiring the right people and taking on additional costs.  

As an IT service provider, New Era Technology has a vast skill set for everything IT-related in the education market. When complex issues arise, they can be handled quickly and proficiently by an expert IT technician. Having access to not just one but a team of experienced IT consultants means your problem will always be solved promptly.

2. Your School is Growing

When your school is growing, and you are taking on more students, hiring additional internal help can be time-consuming as well as costly. On the other hand, an IT service provider can readily provide the expertise and perspective needed to ensure your school’s ICT infrastructure can support its growth. Managed service providers also provide guidance on ways to leverage existing or new technology to grow bigger and faster. 

Whether New Era is strategising with you as a co-navigator or providing you with relevant ICT support and services, our team can look after your ICT hassles, so your school’s staff can focus on teaching and learning. 

3. You Need Flexible Support

With an in-house IT team, getting the level of support you may need and at any time you need can be hard. IT service providers, like New Era, provide customers with multiple contacts and a remote helpdesk, so if you run into a problem, there will always be someone to speak to. Also, with a service contract in place, schools have the flexibility to add or reduce support levels according to their changing needs and budgets. 

4. You are Not Getting Your Money’s Worth

We understand that schools have tight budgets, and therefore it is important that school leaders find ways to maintain a high level of ICT support for staff and students while controlling the costs of doing so. When hiring internal technical staff, it is not just the salaries that cost, but also Kiwisaver contributions, management time, professional development, sick leave, and the additional cost of recruitment to replace team members who leave. Also, if a problem occurs that your in-house staff cannot resolve, you may need to outsource anyway. Using an ICT service provider covers these costs with the added benefit of providing expert support on all things ICT related; this results in a more cost-effective and efficient solution. 

5. You are Concerned About Security

With cyber-attacks on the rise, the safety of your school’s network and computer systems should be a priority. An IT services company should provide you and your staff with online security training, email security advice and antivirus solutions for your computers. They will also help with data recovery if the worst happens, and your security is breached. 

With years of experience in cyber security support, remote monitoring and maintenance, New Era Technology can help ensure your network security is up to standards.  

New Era Technology has various managed service plans to fit your school’s budget. Talk to us today about how your school can start saving on ICT costs and seeing increased efficiencies with your ICT. 

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Author: New Era Technology