Streamline your
identity governance


Align your Identity and Access Management with your organisation’s governance and structure

Implement IAM governance across your digital estate

Most organisations want a single source of truth for IAM. However, this can be hard to achieve because responsibility for key activities are often dispersed across the business. Able+ solves this using workflows, which connect the sources and consumers of identity across the business, and capture the logic needed for an IAM policy or process.

Enable any user to design and manage workflows

To be effective, an IAM solution must faithfully model an organisation’s people, policies and processes.​ But in practice most IAM products need specialists to translate these into complex configuration and code, that can be opaque to others. Able+ offers a unique, visual editor enabling non-specialists to design and manage workflows themselves.

Delegate responsibility for IAM tasks and workflows

IAM requires coordination across the business to ensure that policies and processes are joined up. Able+ provides a highly flexible delegation model where specific tasks and workflows can be assigned to the relevant people so responsibilities and the overall governance are aligned within the IAM solution.​

Rapidly provision your users with the access they need

For any digital business, efficient on- and off-boarding of users is critical. And because change is constant, it’s essential that their authorisations remain consistent with their evolving roles. Able+ makes this simple using templates and workflows. These contain all the business logic needed to automatically manage a user’s identity and privileges.​

Minimise manual management and intervention

Your people are your business’ most valuable asset. You want them focused on creating value rather than performing manual administration. Able+ is designed to automate wherever possible, freeing your people to contribute more productively and creatively to the business.

Simplify the administration of users having multiple digital identities

It’s good practice to have as few users within an IAM solution as possible to minimise complexity. ​However, sometimes a user can have two or more roles in an organisation, and so need multiple identities. Able+ allows a user’s identities to be managed as a single digital persona, simplifying management and use.​

Other Able+ benefits

Deliver your digital strategy

Simplify your users' access

Secure your organisation

Invest wisely

Partner confidently

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