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Building dynamic and adaptable meeting spaces
Creating a flexible multipurpose video collaboration space might sound simple but there is more to this than sometimes f...
Vicky Hart
27 Jun, 2024
Identity as a Service
Until recently, organisations managed their identity management in-house. The logic was simple: the identity management ...
Sidsel Loyche
21 Jun, 2024
What is ‘Summer Learning Loss’?
Summer Learning Loss refers to the loss of knowledge by children, during the summer holidays. The 6-week summer break is...
Sidsel Loyche
19 Jun, 2024
Enhancing the Hybrid Workplace: Collaboration Between Microsoft Places and ...
Since the announcement of Microsoft Places, we have to look at its’ potential impact on workplace communication. While...
New Era Technology US
17 Jun, 2024
Choosing the right technology for video collaboration in the modern workpla...
”When it comes to creating seamless collaboration spaces for modern work, choosing the right technology is crucial...
Vicky Hart
10 Jun, 2024
IAM Solution Architecture: Zero Trust
An IAM solution is not an island. An effective solution needs to integrate with many systems across the business as part...
Sidsel Loyche
5 Jun, 2024

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