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Transforming video collaboration through the power of Cisco and Microsoft p...
As two tech giants come together to form a strategic partnership in the world of collaboration and communication, what a...
Vicky Hart
7 Sep, 2023
Self-service & Identity and Access Management
The goal of any Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is maximum automation. However, sometimes human interventi...
Josh Howlett
14 Aug, 2023
Embracing Zero Trust Architecture
As today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape becomes more complex, we need new tools to protect sensitive data and sy...
Josh Howlett
7 Aug, 2023
How to plan and build multipurpose video collaboration spaces
Many organisations are investing to enhance their video-enabled spaces, aiming to provide adaptable environments that ca...
Vicky Hart
28 Jul, 2023
Identity and access management in Higher Education
A typical university’s identity and access management (IAM) requirements are very different from other similarly sized...
Josh Howlett
12 Jul, 2023
Smart Buildings: Opportunities and Risks
Smart Buildings: Opportunities and Risks Smart Buildings are a increasing specialty in Information Technology (IT), Oper...
Michel Starker, Sr. Project Manager Smart Building Strategies
27 Jun, 2023

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