Healthcare solutions

We deliver a range of IAM and collaboration solutions that connect people around the world whilst ensuring secure access to the data and applications they need to work efficiently within healthcare.

Our Able+ Cloud solution offers robust and secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the healthcare sector, giving you confidence that your employees have secure access to the data and applications they need to work efficiently, conduct remote consultations with doctors or patients, and provide the highest level of patient care. Able+ Cloud empowers healthcare professionals to access expertise and information when and how they need it.

Our collaboration solutions help organisations achieve a unified collaboration estate and provide a full end-to-end service including design, implementation and management. Our video-enabled patient care allows clinicians to engage more productively with their patients whilst removing the need for vulnerable people to attend clinics in person.


  • Fully managed IAM service
  • Simple and secure authentication
  • Identity governance administration
  • Compliance policies and attestation
  • Public cloud, hybrid or private hosting
  • Proactive management and monitoring
  • Remote patient consultations
  • Contactless workspaces
  • Bespoke room builds
  • Best in class SLA
Able +

Identity & Access Management Solution

Able+ Cloud is an identity and access management solution designed to support the complex and changing needs of modern user identities. Able+ Cloud has been designed to incorporate the latest in modern identity concepts, whilst being able to cater for legacy and complex user requirements.

Videoconferencing & AV Solutions

Our bespoke, best-in-class video conferencing, AV and collaboration solutions help organisations achieve a unified collaboration estate. By providing a full end-to-end service, our collaboration solutions not only help drive business objectives but also increase efficiency and support business growth.


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