Invest wisely


Reduce your costs and budget more easily and confidently​​

Reduce the cost of delivery

Within many organisations the IAM solution is usually delivered using several different products. Able+ allows you to consolidate and remove costly legacy systems. Designed for non-experts, you can reduce expenditure on consultants and reassign internal resources to other activities.​

Pay only for what you need

Many organisations have ambitions to replace their IAM solution but would prefer not to buy a costly solution that exceeds their needs or prematurely retire assets.​ Able+ is offered as a modular service proposition. This gives you options when considering what you need today, as well as tomorrow.

Budget with certainty

When setting a budget you might be concerned about the possibility of unexpected costs.​ That risk can be controlled by allocating contingency budgets, but it’s not an effective use of money. Able+ is offered with no hidden costs. We strive for transparency and will be clear about our pricing so that you know what you are spending.​

Balance your budget

If you have responsibility for a budget with multiyear commitments, you want to know that your expenditure will fit within your cashflow or funding envelope over that period.​ Sometimes this can be difficult to predict. Able+ is offered with flexible payment options, allowing for payment models based on CAPEX, OPEX or a hybrid.

Other Able+ benefits

Deliver your digital strategy

Simplify your users' access

Streamline your identity governance

Secure your organisation

Partner confidently

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