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A single future-proof Identity and Access Management solution for your digital estate that offers choice and control​

Simplify your service management

Able+ is a highly extensible platform that adapts to your organisation to meet your requirements. It saves you money and time, allowing you to innovate and grow. 

Align your IAM solution with your infrastructure strategy

The choice and mix of infrastructure – public cloud, private, or a hybrid – is a key part of an organisation’s digital strategy.​ Able+ operates across any infrastructure, aligning with your evolving infrastructure strategy, and not dictating it.

Migrate from legacy IAM systems easily and efficiently

IAM solutions are often embedded within the organisation’s digital architecture, with interdependencies that can be difficult to unpick. Able+ can be implemented incrementally, fitting around your existing legacy systems, and scaled seamlessly to meet your demands.

Empower your developers

The needs of your organisation are unique, but budget is limited. Able+ is API-centric by design, giving you programmatic access so your developers can easily extend your solution. This gives you the option to “buy” and then “build” your own bespoke enhancements. There’s no need to compromise on either cost or control.​

Leverage your brand to enhance the user experience

Able+ is designed using the latest web standards, making it easy to customise the ‘look and feel’. This enables you to benefit from the investments that your organisation has made in establishing its brand.

Other Able+ benefits

Simplify your users' access

Streamline your identity governance

Secure your organisation

Invest wisely

Partner confidently

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