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We offer a range of cloud services, including VaaS (Video as a Service). Our Cloud solutions can be tailored to fit any requirement, whether you require remote deployment, easy management of shared infrastructure or secure in-house management of your platforms.

We start with a thorough analysis of your business, so we can build a highly effective, bespoke solution that supports your business requirements.

We leverage global points of presence so video can be transmitted securely and reliably at high speed, giving businesses greater reach for collaboration, both internally and externally.


Increase security

Benefit from the the highest standards of system and platform security.

We are ISO 27001 certified and our solutions feature some of the best end-to-end encryption available.

Expand workplace flexibility

Support remote working with secure, reliable collaboration and communication. 

Capitalise on talent acquisition and staff retention by supporting employees with increased accessibility.

Promote scalability and growth

Grow your collaboration estate alongside your organisation. 

Remote deployment features and simple license management ensure your solution is easily scalable as your organisation grows.

Control accessibility

Choose from public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud to easily manage and define which areas of your operation must be kept private, and which can be made accessible to anyone.

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Managed services

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Managed Videoconferencing, Collaboration and AV partners


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Teacher Helping Female Elementary School Pupils In Computer Class

Lendlease benefit from flexible & secure communication

Lendlease chose New Era for their cloud solution. They utilised New Era’s vNOC conference management services for senior Executives and remote infrastructure

A Parent at Patcham Junior School uses the School Ping App

Should Digital Transformation be a Priority

How we work, connect with our teams, motivate our staff, and collaborate on projects has been changed over 2020

Computer screen showing code for the development of Sir John Leman High Schools website

Adapt and adopt

A panellist at the Slack Frontiers Conference said that “Communication has long been an area of focus, but for many companies during the pandemic, it has been a game changer”

Our accreditations

UKAS management certification
Cyber essentials certified
Cyber essentials certified plus
Crown commercial supplier

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New Era Technology's managed services, cloud, collaboration, data networking, security solutions help more than 14,500 worldwide customers adapt to a rapidly changing digital world, increase productivity and enhance learning experiences.


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