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Our core values are built on being a community, acting with integrity, and being agile and committed.

With over 25 years’ experience, working across education, corporate, government, and healthcare, our solutions solve the real issues these industries face today.

We work with our customers as a trusted technology partner, building long-lasting customer relationships, where we deliver valuable technology solutions that improve efficiencies and experiences to their employees’ and customers’.

Our range of best-in-class technology solutions include our cross-market Identity and Access Management Solution Able+, reliable, scalable and secure collaboration, AV and video conferencing and an expert range of education technology solutions.


Office locations

New Era Technology UK has offices in Slough and Brighton.

The New Era Technology family also has offices around the globe, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.


Meet the team

Here at New Era Technology, we feel that our most valuable assets are the team behind our products and solutions.

Our products are developed by in-house experts who fully immerse themselves to create the most reliable products in the market.


Management Team

With over 25+ years’ experience, our management team is made up of technology experts who strive to implement and enforce company strategies, which build a product set, that not only meets, but exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Product Team

Our product team take our product concepts and strategies and work effortlessly with the other teams in the business to plan and execute the product delivery. They project manage everything from conception through to continual product enhancement.

Technical Development Team

All our products are built in-house by our own technical team. This means our products are built with passion and precision. Working closely with our product team, they work tirelessly to ensure we create expert products to solve and serve real customer needs.

Customer Service Team

With a 4.8 star rating, our customer service team is at the heart of our business. Managing every aspect of the customer journey from on-boarding, product training and product support, they play an integral role in our company, building long and lasting relationships with our customers.

Operations Team

Our operations team oversee a wide remit of business processes. Our team ensure that the services we provide, both meet and exceed the needs of our customers. They provide an integral link between all the New Era Tech teams.

Sales and Marketing Team

The purpose of our sales and marketing team is to let everyone know how good our products are. We have a large team of people who go out and consult with the market to ascertain their needs and showcase how our products solve real business issues.


New Era Technology offers a growth orientated, high-tech environment for employees.

Along with our many benefits, you can expect a corporate culture that promotes personal and professional development. Our customer-focused teams are built on integrity, innovation, and commitment.

If you are looking for a new challenge this year and want to find out more about our latest career opportunities please send your cv to careers@neweratech.co.uk.


Become part of the New Era Technology network.

We offer different levels of partnership, each with their own unique benefits, allowing you to choose the right model for you organisation.

For more information about becoming a New Era Technology partner please email us at partnerships@neweratech.co.uk.


Technology and Alliance Partner

Your products will integrate seamlessly into our suite of cloud solutions.

System Integrators

Our top level partnership boosts some unique benefits.

About us

New Era Technology's managed services, cloud, collaboration, data networking, security solutions help more than 14,500 worldwide customers adapt to a rapidly changing digital world, increase productivity and enhance learning experiences.


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